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  1. Hi, Do you think the upper arms are too bulky ? Thanks! Johan
  2. Thanks for the tip Chopper857. Things improved a lot now. I still need to cut the neck area so I can easily breath. Do I need to provide a return edge for Centurion level on the neck ? Thx Johan
  3. Thanks ! Do you mean this return edge ?
  4. hi all should one have a return edge on the neck line ? I like to cut some away, to be able to breath. Thx Johan
  5. I now using some sort of underleggings to fit the armour and follwed yr advise : 1. cod area return edge 5 mm 2. neckline return edge 5mm 3. gap between the shoulders is 8cm, slightly more than 3" Here some new photos. As you can see, the backplate now reached the kidney plate, but there might be two problems. The neckline really pushes in my neck and it is difficult to breath normally. Also, there is now a gap between my back and the backplate. The backplate shoulder pieces are also below my shoulders. What do you think ? Thanks !
  6. Thanks for the tips. I added some moire photos. Unfortunatly I do not have the undersuit yet (might take a long time, its in backorder, but I will wear something similar instead). As you can see, I already have a 2" gap between the upper plates. I was thinking cutting out a lot of the neck area (not sure really) , so the front plate can go higher and the lower plate will go down as a result ? But I need to cut out a lot I think... do I also need a return edge in the neck for centurion level ? Thanks again ! Johan
  7. hi Guys I really need some feedback on the above. I hope I'm on the right track? Also, I need advice on the backplate. Here three photos of today. The lower parts (rear & front), kidney plate and front plate seem to fit nicely, but the back plate is too short and does not reach the kidney... What can I do to fix this ? Can I cut out the neck area so the front plate comes higher ? I'm stuck it seems. Thanks Johan
  8. So what do you think ? Also, does anyone know if this it's a critical item for approval if the left and right forearm scopp at the elbow are not identical in size ? Thanks for all feedback!
  9. I hope I'm doing the right thing ? Upper arms are next.
  10. I did the same with the right lower arm. I temporarily fitted everything with tape. Also, i like to cut of the lower part at the wrist end, just around the lower part of the brown tape. I ensured that the two lower arm section are roughly the same length They are not 100 equal in length and I hope that is still ok for centurion. The reason is the I wanted to have the same width of abs left on both pieces below the lowest tab. (11 or 12). So, what do you think ? OK to start cutting ? Thanks for yr help
  11. Hi all, A small bit of progress. I started with the left lower arm and before I cut away more abs , I like to ask your opinion. I would like to cut out the round piece of plastic marked with a pencil at the elbow end. Also, because the underside near the wrist is not straight and a bit long I think, would like to cut along the bottom edge of the brown tape. So the bottom will be flat. What do you think ?
  12. The left ear is made a little bit smaller . Probably not enough yet. One needs to have a lot of courage
  13. I worked a bit on the vocorder. Much better now
  14. Thanks for the feedback , will start working on these
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