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  1. I personally think the third one looks the best! A few members of the Star Garrison might disagree though! Commercial came out great- check it out! https://youtu.be/1r_YTwl6QhTKE/YT I'm trying to embed this crazy thing. I really messed this post up. http://ana-planet.com/
  2. Not sure why it's not working for you Dan- that's too bad. I just plugged mine straight into the Aker and it worked fine. I guess different size necks could affect how good it picks up the vocals; one of those 'dont know until you try it' deals. Have you had anyone else try it out on their necks?
  3. For the ears, you should be ok for now, but Gaz made the same mention on mine that the rank bar should be painted on the raised bar rather than in between for Cent. When you say chest plate even on the ab ridge- I was meaning the chest plate could be hanging down over the ab piece a little more- it could slide under while trooping.
  4. Agree on all points (except the one where you talk about not doing it!); I admit it looks silly on the AP armor. Your photos are perfect examples. It is voluntary though!
  5. Looking good! Not much more you can do on your back piece due to the curved shape of it unless you cut the bottom corners and redo the edges- I would just leave it. You could paint your connector that keeps your ab and kidney piece aligned black to hide it also. You can see it peeking through on the right side close up shot. Just eye ball the shoulders and go for it, then adjust the snap placement as needed. Keep em coming!
  6. Nice build! You could straighten out the ab and kidney pieces a bit with some more strapping, so they are level. Your rank stripe also is in the middle of the bars, you could re-paint it over a bit to be on a bar. If you could lengthen your shoulder connection, it could lower your chest piece some. Very close to being too high over the ab. All tiny things though- looks great overall!
  7. Interesting- you probably tried it, but it works best for me with it higher up on my neck, almost under my jaw; and it of course should be tight. Then my neckseal holds it in place.
  8. You can go hero with the helmet- can you post a picture of the ears?
  9. Really coming along! I did not use velcro, but did the snap elastic to snap elastic method for the shoulders/biceps and forearms. Ended up making a couple of different length sizes of straps with snaps at first and played around with them until it felt and looked just right. You may need to square up your teeth a bit on the bucket, they look a bit rounded. Keep us posted with pics!
  10. Now we're talking- looks great! Yikes with the velcro on the shoulder bridges! Definitely bend them instead; you can do it by hand or with the heat gun. Also the foam trick to keep that sniper plate from popping under the thigh will work- small block of foam at the back of the upper thigh, small block of foam at the front of the upper shin. Awesome job so far!
  11. Are the back and kidney pieces overlapping? They should be cut to meet. Looks like you could shorten the shoulder portion of the chest piece (making the bridge shorter to the back), to bring the entire chest up some as well. Looks like the chest nearly covers half of the ab button plate?
  12. Forgot to mention the shins; your opening is towards the outside; they should open towards the inside. Easy fix though!
  13. I dont know about MTK, but if you are over 170 lbs you will probably have to shim the sides of the AP kit so there are not gaps. I am 5'10 and 185 and had to shim. Other than that the AP kit rocks! If you get it trimmed it's pretty quick to put together and very sturdy. Nice and shiny too.
  14. Really nice! I agree with the above comments- you could shim those sides up to hide that gap! I did notice the tube stripes on the right kind of went astray, they could be straightened out a bit to run along the curve of the helmet. Good luck with the app!
  15. I think you are fine pulling the thighs up, dont worry about them being above the sniper plate. Your lucky you will be able to walk really good! I had the exact problem with my butt piece flaring out; some people heat bend it but I ran two straps and snaps from the sides of the butt piece to the cod area of the ab piece. Keeps it now tucked in nice and tight. Pulling your back piece up more by shortening those straps is about all you can do unless you reshape that back piece a bit- it looks like for now no matter what you do the back piece curves down a bit while the kidney piece is straight. It looks fine though in the last pic, you could tighten that strap on your left, but more than that I would not mess with it unless Gaz comes back with some suggestions during your submission.
  16. That's funny I was thinking the same thing about the belt snaps looking too low- looks great though! When is the kidney notch coming?
  17. That is just awesome-great job!
  18. Great catch on the calves, has to be a huge relief. Helmet looking great!
  19. Awesome job! I did not sand any areas prior to gluing anything with E6000- still holding like a champ! Anything I have wanted to change since has had to be pried off, so you will be fine!
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