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  1. Used Firefox. Must not like windows 10. I have fixed the knees, crotch plate and properly adjusted it. The photo does not do the paint job justice.
  2. Hey all, I had my FOTK build approved last month, already trooped. Beautiful kit. Paid a body man over a grand to prep, fill, sand, 2 part primer and auto poly paint (as recommended by Jim). The result is amazing. Been trying to post pics but every time I do the link freezes up and I lose all the type. The heartbreaking thing is that the result was flawless, but after just one troop, the chest plate and abdomen armor are developing tiny hairline cracks. Big bummer. I know I am not the only one who has experienced this. trying to figure out what to use to fill the cracks so I can repaint. Bondo would just crack again. Was trying to find some kind of flexible fill, and maybe trying to paint it with a flexi paint white, then apply a flexi clear gloss. Anyone have a solution for this issue? Thanks for the help in advance! If I can figure out why the image link freezes up, I will post pics.
  3. I did use a 3" extension pic pipe for the stock, rounded it all out with bondo, added the hook with a little formed piece of wood.
  4. I had one of these, and installed it. There was no volume, even connected it to hovi speakers and an amp. Thankfully the seller on eBay gave me a refund. Save your pennies for a better set up. Had a decent sound, but again, no volume, made it pretty pointless.
  5. Could be because the wires would be incorrect. I am an electronics guy. Made my own amp voice system, all mounted in the helmet, and even made my own hovi tip speakers. Works great. Typically on the 1/8th inch jack the free copper wires are the ground, if your plug has a tip, mid section and longer base ( if the tip is up) the tip is the red wire, white is the middle section, and the copper wires are connected to the lower part. Easy to check with a little continuity checker. Going to post a video of my easy cheap build sometime this week.
  6. I have to ad... Love my garrison, and the peeps in my squad. But not a lot of info is exchanged or posted on their forums. Belong to a couple other detachments too while I was exploring costume options. The FISD is the best forum in the 501 in my humble opinion. Unbelievable amount of shared information and helpful people. The only problem is that there might be too much information, makes it a tad bit difficult to search with the glitch we have. Aside from that, this forum rules. The people are awesome. I like the idea of an essay! It could be "why I want to wear plastic in public"....
  7. The helmet was pre-assembled, and the armor was pre-trimmed, which made it easy to put together. Took about a week. Then another couple days of adjusting and tweaking. I had a blast building it. I am hoping it holds together for my first troop! Thanks for the kind words Tony.
  8. My armor passed muster (even with the crooked brow, fixed)! Received my Tk numer today, my first troop is this Saturday. Really excited to be a part of this
  9. Just to quiet the boxes down a tad, I stuck a small strip of white Velcro (the fuzzy side) on the back of the boxes, not visible at all, took a little of the clunk out.
  10. Another newb question. I am almost ready to submit pics, but I need some guidance. I do have my dlt-19 finished, I know I would not be able to use it at formal events because of the accuracy, would it be acceptable to carry at non formal events? Also, submitting pics to my gml, do you have to have a blaster and holster to submit for joining? I do have a hasbro and a droopy do kit on the way, not sure how long it will take to cross the pond. I also read somewhere that when trooping, you can't carry a dlt and have a holstered blaster at the same time. Now I can't seem to find that reference again. Any input would be greatly appreciated!
  11. Just about ready to submit pics and found another issue I need to address. The Chelsea boots I purchased only go up into the shin guard about an inch, when walking the boots will pull right out and the shin will sit on top the boot. Not cool. The only reference I have seen on this is one guy put a snap in the top front of the boot, and inside the lower front of the shin. My concern with that is I could see the snap popping out pretty easy with the action of the foot. Any tips would be greatly appreciated!
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