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  1. You can really see the shine in the second pic- looks great! I used JB water weld on my areas that needed filling. So far zero cracking!
  2. Trooperbays are not approvable. Too many white fingers .
  3. Looking good! I had my suspenders like yours at first, but if you flip them around, you may find the ab piece much easier to slip into.
  4. Gaskets for sure will be needed prior to sizing and cutting. Good luck and keep us posted!
  5. PM sent Peter regarding 5/28 order status- thanks!
  6. If you can drill a hole in the neck, sink a pipe or tube in it, glue it, then mount a styrofoam ball or block onto it. You can shape the styrofoam to whatever size you need.
  7. Looking great! Be sure to do any slight bending of the shim before you do the filler. This is needed so the kidney piece does not flare out away from the ab when finished.
  8. Paint looks great! I'm at the same stage I know what you mean about seeing the imperfections only after a coat of paint. Last week has been a constant -paint-see imperfection-sand-paint again pattern. I'm finally down to my last piece.
  9. Sorry to hear that! Appreciate the heads up. I was about to start painting but it's 60 degrees this morning. Will wait till midday when we hit over 70.
  10. That is some crotch shot! Awesome quality pics Bob- few more pics to add and you will be looking great! Armor looks fantastic.
  11. This is awesome - keep the pics coming! Appreciate the posts, they are a huge help. I'm in the middle of cutting and shaping right now.
  12. Hey everyone; the cutting of the chest vent was quite an experience (I have a Jimmi kit). I have seen there are replacement vent pieces mostly pre-cut that some of you have which would be a huge help for anyone scared to tackle the vent cutting on their own. Could anyone please share the info where these are available? Appreciate any info!
  13. Congrats Jack on the first of many! Great meeting and trooping with you guys, hope to do it again soon. Thanks for posting the pics!
  14. Felt it a good time to jump in here; not related to the seams, but it is related to the CRL. As I start to build my kit, if I go cloth gaskets, will that pass the 'rubber or shiny black material' criteria? Not sure how shiny cloth gaskets are looking for everyone. Happy to go rubber if that is what it takes for approval, but dont want to have to buy two sets. Thanks guys.
  15. This /\ /\ /\ /\ Great advice. Learned the hard way walking around a couple of con's with the family. They are not happy when you spend you entire time getting stopped for pics while you are supposed to be walking around together shopping! I change now when the fam arrives and hold the cameras and phones.
  16. Hey Everett it's Scott- glad to see you getting the build going! Looking great, give us a shout if you need anything, we are close by!
  17. Some good info- http://www.tk409.com/tk409.html
  18. Much better on the chest plate after you added the extra strapping, if it still rides up you could bring it down some more by lengthening the shoulder straps. For the leg pieces, your shins seem to be going into the thigh parts. Some foam taped to the inside back of the thighs and then more foam to the inside front of the shins will really help fix that. You could maybe also pull that left forearm up a bit; all little no big deal tweeks. Nice work and good luck!
  19. Awesome job! You could tighten up the left side rear strap between the back and kidney, to tighten up the gap, but the build looks really good!
  20. Looking good, Jay gave some great advise! Those side shims really need some bringing in. Hide that seam with elbow grease and ABS paste! Also on the back of either your shirt or your neck seal, is something painted or covered up? Good luck, enjoy Weird Al!
  21. Looks good, nice heavy duty strapping! Were the thicker cover straps on the rear legs needed to close some gaps?
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