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  1. Hello fellow troopers, there is apparently a hole in the First Order Stromtrooper TFA-CRL concerning the connection between the chest and the backplate-part of the yokepiece. Even though in the screenshots we can cleary see those parts are connected with the chestplate overlapping the backplate-part of the yokepiece, this is not specified in the CRL. IMO this overlapping and fitting is a relevant part of the way the First Order armor should be put together from the start on since this is visible in no different way in the movie. My proposal for a wording in
  2. Has one yet considered to add the Heavy-Weapon-Trooper tactical-vest, the lager F-11D-Rifle of the HWT, the BIG SonnBlas FWMB and the Pauldron to the optional accessoires to the CRL?
  3. Von dem einen Anbieter, dessen Link Du oben geteilt hast, reden wir besser mal nicht, da hat Felice schon alles geschrieben. Aber ich kann am Helm von iM jetzt nichts finden, was einer Zulassung widersprechen würde. In Nürnberg hatte ich im September deren Helm und auch die Rüstung live gesehen und finde sie absolut in Ordnung und sehr gelungen. Aber es hängt natürlich auch immer ein wenig vom persönlichen Geschmack oder den angelegten Kriterien ab, für welchen Anbieter man sich am Ende entscheidet. Alle Anbieter der zulassungsfähigen Rüstungen haben sicherlich sowohl Stärken als auch
  4. Since I found out, Elmer's non-wrinkle rubber-cement is only available in the US oder the UK I am wondering how much of this stuff is required for glueing one set of gaskets together. Any experiences? Any ideas? I'd be pleased if one would drop me a line about this here. Thank you all in advance. Cheers.
  5. We had a troop at our local Toys'R'Us recently. Some teenagers appeared and played cool and laughed around while trying to bang our armor. THat was just annoying and turned us from the children that where waiting for some photos. Fortunatley our Darth Vader just turned around to them, breathing, with no word - he just looked those 2 ft. down at them. The were suddently quite stunned and kept the distance... Vader really works
  6. We have all seen the pauldrons of the new trooper, which comes in at least two colors (white and red). Does one invented a pattern for these so far? The new pauldrons look similar to the old ones at the first sight but a closer look makes clear, that they are in deed different. Maybe one of you got an idea how to alter the old pattern to match with the new pauldrons ... if yes I'd be glad if you could post it here. Thank you!
  7. Congratulations for joining the EIB-ranks, Sascha. But no real surprise with this impressive armor. And now we all would love to see you taking the next step ... to Centurion.
  8. Hi Sascha. It's an excellent build. Nothing to complain about. Only one thing perhaps: the rivets that fix the holster-straps to the belt could be positioned closer to the lower edge of the belt. But I am not sure if that matters at all. Congratulation on this clean and impressive armor. Be proud!
  9. Welcome on board, Peter. Nice to see, the GG and the SWSQ are growing soon. Nice to know you have supported the Empire in Günzburg as a civilian. Next time, you'll be trooping for sure. Hope to meet you soon - perhaps Nuremberg N4C?
  10. Congratulations Mathias and welcome to the EIB-Rank. Now take the next step to join the centurion-rank
  11. That's my first question too. I recieved my first two boxes yesterday. One contained the ABS-Parts, the Stickers and the checklist, the other one the gaskets. Is it true, that the belt, the neckseal and the soft-pouche will come in separatly? That would make four boxes total - if I add the belt-parts, the helmet and the two other ones together. Does one know about that???
  12. I would like to order a pair in XL, please.
  13. Welcome to EIB, rid. You have really deserved it. A real example for how it should be do e. Thumbs up!
  14. Hi Christian, a really nice build so far. I agree with Scott on that side-rivet-issue. You really should change the positions of most (if not all) rivets and close the holes with ABS-Paste. I had to re-position my rivets during my Centurion-Application until it looked like this: If you make the change to the position of the rivets, the upper edges of the ab- and the kidney-plate should meet flush. I will show you that on my armor tomorrow afternoon.
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