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  1. I would keep sanding that seam on your shims; The seam might start to show a bit when you get it super smooth, but then a light dusting of paint along the line will hide it perfectly!
  2. Looking good! You could pull the belt up a bit and thin out the rear trap outlines a touch maybe. Great job!
  3. That's awesome! Our's is coming up in August, I cant wait- Thanks for the pics!
  4. Yep, tight neck seal on the throat mic is essential.
  5. I am 5'10, 185 and have AP. I had to shim 1.5 inches on both sides of the kidney, but with your size AP should fit you perfectly!
  6. Only thing I see that really stands out is you spelled 'left' wrong. Awesome job! Folks might recommend swapping your screws out on the TD to slotted, but not required. Good luck!
  7. Nice work! I only see a couple of things- your left thigh piece is fitting a little wonky, it's twisted a bit in relation to your shin. Maybe adjusting the garter or adding some padding inside can help. Also your strapping can be changed up between the ab and kidney to make them sit flush with each other. Looks like your kidney section is an riding an inch at least higher than the top the ab.
  8. Thanks; I did not put a return edge on, but I have seen some recently that others have and they look great! They would be best done before you shim though, you dont want to press too hard on them after they are done, the weld can start breaking. Some other great techniques that look easier than the ABS paste, like JB plastic weld used instead. Also some have burned and fused together the weld, then filled in with the plastic weld and painted.
  9. Looking good! The belt could be pulled up some in front on your first photos, but on the close up you have it right on.
  10. Absolutely. The bigger the person though, the more they would have to do shim work to make the armor fit and meet the gap limit requirements between pieces. Might have to shim much more than the kidney piece.
  11. You have some talent! Looking great, keep the pics coming!
  12. Thanks Derrek! That was freeking AWESOME!! Wow everyone needs to watch this video, this is a work of art.
  13. I do see shims in your future though for the Cent. app. Did you save some ABS?
  14. Now we have the notches! What size reference did you use? 22mm x 22mm usually- these can vary a bit but yours appear a bit larger.
  15. Yes, looking good! Greg nailed it with replacing your nut/bolts on the belt. Chicago screws for sure.
  16. Awesome job! Post us a vid with the electronics firing off!
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