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  1. i need to adjust the leg straps to even them out and adjust the gasket so I can move the thighs up slightly back still seem huge. I think I also need to add shims to the side wings so I can connect the chest plate to the upper back plate. Currently they do not really come close because I think o trimmed them too short and again too soon
  2. now to size up the suspenders and I’ll have a FOTK set of pants
  3. im going to redo the leg strapping to use snaps to snap onto my belt. Right now I have to shove Velcro into the leg and it’s not coming out even. Also I will order suspenders to hold up the abdomen. Until then I can’t proceed on any other part. I’m happy with the cod
  4. I’m going to need to use suspenders to hold up my abdomen barrel. Snaps on the belt don’t work and I can’t dial in the way the abdomen falls. Working on the butt plate now.
  5. I forgot a washer on that one in the top left. Oh well. straight as its going to get.
  6. my wife helped me make a back closure. I liked how Kevin Weir did it for his shoretrooper Kit I had so I did the same for my FOTK. I’ll dial it in and then add the butt plate and magnets for the TD
  7. I’m going to have to super bribe the wife to do it
  8. cod mounting cut outs. Forgot to get 2” elastic so I’ll get more tomorrow as well as fabric to make my back closure. I can’t do magnets because I prefer a zipper and I always have help. I wish I had taken pictures of my shoretrooper I did and I liked the back closure KW sent along with it. Pretty sure he used canvas. Ill also add a few snaps for the belt tomorrow and continue working my way up. Need to settle on how to mount knee plates.
  9. Photos make the armor look so much better.... also I forgot what it felt like to wear a snow suit. I feel like I’m ready to go out and plan in the snow. Rubber gaskets must be worse.
  10. I have pants! Hows this look so far? I’m working from the bottom up. Need to get some sew on snaps for the knee plates and get the spats on
  11. It’s so hard. I totally understand why we don’t have a ton of FOTK’s.
  12. back of the armor. I’m going to try and widen the rear by and inch or two because this looks dumb. Also didn’t have the back sitting on me properly im holding the armor where my natural belt line is. But the thighs are now sitting right above my knee caps which I believe is correct putting this armor on is going to be. Interesting. Need to put the leg gaskets in. I also need to figure out how to hold my ab armor up. Geeky pink said to use snaps on the belt thing she made me which might work? I also didnt realize how huge the new KB fore arms were and I’m going to just have to roll with it unless it causes me to not get approved.
  13. Wish I had seen your build before I made my first cut..again on your chest armor how tall of a return edge would you say you have. 2-3 Millimeters? Maybe 5 mm? (Don’t bother with Freedom Units, mm is best)
  14. ughhh it looks so good.. I dislike you for right now
  15. @TheSwede when you modified the forearms was the cut only on the side with the greeblies? My forearms are already assembled but I need to tighten them up otherwise they look ridiculous on me. From what I understand I can make the cuts and trim the greebie side down and just reclose that side and be good? Do you have any approximate measurements or just eyeball it? thank you
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