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  1. Looking good; must be nice to have a workroom! I had to spread everything out on my dining room table for a couple of months!
  2. Great job getting started! Definitely dont get in a hurry! I made plenty of goofs in the beginning that would never had happened had I simply taken more time and did one more step of research on the computer before cutting and/or gluing. Looking at your coverstrips, is it the photo hopefully? They look a little misshaped, like not cut evenly?
  3. Awesome job, looks fantastic!
  4. I would not go AP if you are 205 though, you would need to do some side shim work for sure, maybe other parts too.
  5. Wanted to share a tip with everyone who is having trouble stopping the kidney piece from shifting up, causing it to not be level with the abdomen piece. So many of us with the basic strapping get this, usually due to the strapping being elastic, too long or whatever- OK, to fix this, here is what I have done. For the rivet side, this is easier, as you simply do not use elastic, but instead non stretchable THICK pieces of nylon strapping. Really no room on this side for it shift. For the opening of the clamshell side, you can take a scrap piece of ABS, heat it a bit to get the bend correct, and attach your velcro. So velcro on one end that affix's to velcro on the abdomen, the other end of the ABS is glued to the kidney piece. You then simply slip the clam around you, and affix the ABS velcro piece from the kidney to the velcro side of the abdomen. Done! This totally stops the kidney from riding up and shifting and you do not even know it is there. I then do the strapping as usual just for extra. And here you go- good luck!
  6. No velcro on the forearms; glue em shut! You can put your gloves on after they are on, you should make them just tight enough for your arm with undersuit on to squeeze in them. Most people then keep these always snapped and attached to the bicep piece, which is already attached to the shoulder piece. You slip all three pieces on at once and snap in the shoulders, ready to rock!
  7. NICE!!! You guys are really taking the poor man to another level!
  8. The last two look good; my first pair were actually the Amsterdam's that I painted, but they do not come up as high as the TK boots. I had to use velcro and stirrups, which was a pain to keep the shins down. Contact TK boots you wont be disappointed!
  9. They have seems in all the wrong places. Cancel the order!!
  10. Looking great! Agree with the areas you mentioned, both very fixable with some strapping adjustments!
  11. Not sure how the belt is affecting how the kidney sits. How does it look without the belt? Looks like it is fixable by adjusting the strap lengths, but I may be missing something.
  12. Can you lengthen the connection between the kidney/butt? They look like they are overlapping a bit. This would give you a little room to then shorten the connection of the back/kidney, which should then solve that slanting upwards of the kidney by pulling it up and will better align it with the abdomen.
  13. Looking good! Looks like your forearms and bicep rotations could be tweaked a bit, but you look ready to rock!
  14. X2! I just pulled the trigger and got mine in last week! It feels indestructible, very kiddo proof for trooping and looks amazing!
  15. Getting the sweet spot is definitely the key. I was showing my setup to some troops and was talking, and they could not even hear me. I forgot to adjust the throat mic and had just thrown it around my neck. You have to move it up higher on your throat, and once you get it set it really does not move at all. Wrap your neck seal around it and you are rocking!
  16. It's actually a Sony action cam chest mount, but should still be the same as the go pro. I flipped it around so the amps Velcro to the flat side. I have pics on the 1st page of this thread. Used it Saturday, zero feedback!
  17. Nice work! Yea your ammo pack must have fallen; much better in the 2nd post/pic.
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