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    My mind and heart always will be with the 501st Legión.


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    1. Dark CMF

      Dark CMF

      Awesome to have you, Yessid!


  3. Ready To Centurion Level...

  4. Hello Tommy: Yes, that is correct, the CRL mentioned about the helmet ... Tube stripes are medium blue, numbering between 9 and 16 per side with the curve bends extending backwards. I confused, sorry for this!! http://www.501st.com/databank/Costuming:TK_anh_stunt Good Luck and have a good day!!
  5. Hello Tommy: Congrats Mate... Good job and nice armor!!! Just check and put more tube lines of your helmet (15 lines right side / 16 lines left side) you have (13) lines on each side!!! Good Luck on your EIB App!! Sorry, I don't have picture the right side but there are 15 lines.
  6. Well Mario, I'm going to respond You in spanish mate!!! Hahahaha Hola Mario muchas gracias por tus palabras amigo espero verte tambien en este nivel con tu armadura asi que a trabajar pronto en ella para que subas al ranking de Expertos y Centuriones!!!! Fuerte abrazo y seguimos en contacto amigo!!!!
  7. Andrew and Q: Thank you for your words... I want to see you again at Centurion Level!!! God bless you and see you soon my friends!!!
  8. Thank You Ru my brother.... Was a ''Big Honor'' to work with you online hehehehehe I hope to see you soon for our first Tropeada together as only Centurions of Latinoamerica's. We're made history my brother!!!! :)
  9. Yessid Ramírez Romero 99988 EIB A4 Thanks,
  10. Dear Brothers: Thank you so much for your important comments, there are the result of all suggestions and recommendations that everyone of you made me for adjust my armour. The big honor of this EI Badge is for you... Big Hug and God bless you my brothers!!!! See you at Centurion Level Pdta: wwwwaaaawwwww be writting with blue icon is Amazing hehehehehe I love you Brothers!!!
  11. Hello Ru: I really appreciate your important words about my work, You done an excellet job too and I think that you will do the best work with Centurión Level. Best wishes my friend!!!
  12. Thank you Tony for your comments... Have a good day Bro!!!
  13. Hello Steve: Well, I´ll do my best again hehehehe so the technology and me (we´re not friends) I hope that I understood you the last message about the links and pics... THE MISSING PICS (11) The interior strapping and the cod to butt plate attachment: http://s304.photobucket.com/user/yesidram/media/FISD%20EIB%20APP/SAM_1525_zpsu0xakhrb.jpg.html?sort=3&o=5 The Sillicone and flexibles gloves: AB AND KIDNEY PLATE (4 PICS) In this part I added to pieces of ABS plastic to the kidney plate by side for 6.5cms and close perfectly with the abdo part. BICEPS AND FOREARMS (17 PICS) Well, this section is about the cut of biceps and forearms just for centimeters to close more and adjust them to my arms. I has to buy an forearm (right) because I broke the old forearm. I´ll show you the old and the new piece fo the difference in centimeters. Really changed them THE PROCESS: AND THE RESULT... FOREARMS (OLD AND NEW) COMPARISON: AND THE RESULT... SHINS AND CORNERS BELT: In this part, I changed the close (opposite) of the shins because are opening outward and they should open inward. BELT (CORNERS) The last part to fix was the belt... I cut just the edges for 3 millimeters by side to adjust the close angle of them. Here finished the pictures sections, Thank you for check and read my post... Note: If you liked my post, please cross your fingers with me to pass my aproval EIB app. See you soon my friends!! With this picture of my best shoot, I said you goodbye and God bless you.. ++ REMEMBER CROSS YOUR FINGERS FOR ME!!!
  14. Hello Again: So finally I can to share the pics with the photobucket for the complete process to the EIB app. This is the link to access the pics: http://s304.photobucket.com/user/yesidram/library/FISD%20EIB%20APPor <iframe width="480" height="360" src="http://s304.photobucket.com/user/yesidram/embed/slideshow/"></iframe> There are one folder and 3 subfolders more separated for topics and parts. If you need more additionals pics just tell me and I´ll post them as soon as possible. Thank you for your time to check my pics ans process to continue at my EIB app. Have a good day !!!
  15. Hello Again: Well, I´m going to post the missing pictures.Thank you for your time to check my pictures. Missing (3) Pics...
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