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  1. Just awesome- now THIS is a homemade DLT 19.
  2. Good for you- I have never not gotten replies from anyone on this site when I have ordered something, but building the Tusken was another story. That really bugs me - if someone will not be able to answer emails for whatever reason in a weeks time, setup a simple out of office reply. Takes 10 seconds.
  3. Those are the easy cut's, the one's from the sides where the chest and back taper across your body. Best to wait on those until you get the up/down correct on the rest of the armor. When you make adjustments, then get some pics front/back, but also R/L with your arms up.
  4. Now that I have the PP (DVH) E11, what to do with the old Hasbro? Fumantroop found a great thread on a conversion build for a DLT 19 on the Star Garrison site, so I wanted to give it a try! After heading to the hardware store and getting the parts (all total under 30$- spray paint biggest expense) you can get after it with your drill and drimmell and basically have the weapon ready for sanding and painting all in an afternoon! The original build thread kept most of the Doopy conversion pieces on the Hasbro, but Andrew talked me into losing them and I am glad he did. It's basically some PVC parts, mouthwash cap, Shout spray bottle and whatever metal or plastic bits I could find in my garage. So here is what I have so far; I think I'm going to clean her up with some sanding and get the silver paint coat on next, followed by the flat black and finally some weathering. I ordered some cheap T shaped weatherstripping that I am going to use for the t-tracks, then to glue them on and wire them up. For the purist out there, no I would not bring this to official events; this would be more for the informal troops. Anyone wanting a copy of the original build thread, let me know! I can scan it and post it.
  5. Yep your on the right track. I did not really catch it at first but your chest and back connectors can be rolled more forward towards your chest and then bring the back up like you said. It looks like you can then also bring your butt piece down a bit which will also lower your kidney, and then take a look and see how it is looking.
  6. Bet it felt great to get out there and do some trooping! Congrats on getting that in! You have some trimming to do though; the back and kidney should be abutting; it looks like you have quite a few inches of overlap. You could bring the back/butt down maybe; your belt is covering your butt in some of the side pics.
  7. Are they both the same height? If you wanted you could shave a little of one and make the other a tad taller by repainting. Looks like there is room in the mold for it.
  8. Have not seen this thread- nice! Is it just me, or does the search not really work very well?
  9. LOL ok I will rephrase; I found it easier to walk when I trimmed the tops of my rear thighs to stop them from rubbing against my butt piece, but if it's comfortable, looks great!
  10. Looks great! A few areas here and there could use a bit of trimming (might be tough to walk with the butt and thighs abutting in back), but you are basically ready to rock it!
  11. Looking good! Pretty cool kit; looks like ab buttons already painted and some hardware is already installed- nice!
  12. OK; results are in after last nights laser tag trooping events against the Rebel scum. My advice on a throat mic................... RUN- do not walk- to your wallets and get your credit card and order the mic! I thought it worked great- I actually forgot it was even there; at the end of the night I was for sure tired and I sweated a bit (hard to tell; Fumantroop (Andrew) made me an awesome homemade fan setup so it was like trooping in an eskimo's hut in my helmet), but I did some final voice checks at the end and everyone thought it sounded great. I did not get even 1 sqauwk of feedback all night. I did not have to adjust it once. It felt so good not dreading taking off my helmet for fear of having to re-set my headset, plus not having anything dig into my scalp or ear was nice I might add...... We got some free printed out photos as a bonus; one of me of course (to show how the throat mic is hidden ) and one of our group. It was a great time and a successful review! Thanks again Adam for putting this idea out there!
  13. Nice job- looking good! You will need some longer gloves though to hide the wrists.
  14. The strapping should be fine on the shin, but stirrups and velcro would both do the trick. I had both with my BASS boots and that worked to keep the shins down, but I found some TK boots and then did not need either and now go just boots and shin armor with nothing else. The taller thinner boot definitely helps!
  15. Yea, if you have checked out the photo references link at the top, there are plenty of screen shots. Many have the bicep piece almost entirely hanging below the shoulder, with just the edge under the shoulder. Others have half of the part hidden. There is some play there.
  16. All right! Should have a TK # coming your way soon! You could still make some tweeks if you wanted to take it further; Looks like the straps could be lengthened holding the chest and back together; this would bring the chest down some (you can just about see the gap over the ab piece) and would bring the back and kidney down to better align with the top edge of the ab; these should be level and it looks like your kidney is about an inch high. Might need to add some stirrups and/or velcro to keep the shins over the boots too.
  17. I bet the 2 inner shims, with the ABS paste or whatever plastic weld putty or clay (sanded and painted after) would hide it pretty well- keep us posted! This would be a bit trickier with needing to heat each shim first to get the bend correct to match the thighs they are attached to, then a regular coverstrip attaching each shim.
  18. Looks fantastic! It looks like the thigh posterior's were meeting; is there a big gap in the middle we cant see why you went with the 35 mm coverstrips in back?
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