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  1. It was a great day for trooping indeed. And yes that was Phil. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Trust me...all the blood, sweat and tears it takes to build a TK....all worth it as soon as you see that first kids smile [emoji16] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. He north Texas squad showing support for Hemophilia. This was one of those feel good troops that was also a blast to attend! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. I got asked by a group of teenage girls (13-14 years old) if I had a beard. not sure if they could see in my bucket, but I did have some stuble. I just told them.....maybe....
  5. Another Toys for Tots event. This one was really low key, not a whole lot of people, but the ones that showed up donated A LOT! We filled two big boxed for Toys for Tots!!! Us with the owner and the boxes we filled When Vaders away, the troopers will play! can you guess the refference? Thanks to Roger (tie pilot), Phil (Vader) and Roon (Tie reserve) for Trooping w/ me.
  6. Awesome Video, I liked the lightsaber battle w/ Kilo Ren.
  7. With all the stuff on the news involving police officers, I was really excited to do this troop to support some of our local officers. Thanks to Todd (other stormtrooper) for trooping with me. And big thanks to Bryan (Lord Vader) for setting up the troop. Yes i'm the short trooper! Got to love the Troops w/ just Lord Vader and a couple of TK's for an escort!! It was a little hot that day, nothing better than some icecream to cool us off!
  8. North TX squad helping out Toys for tots. WE FILLED THE ENTIRE BOX IN 3 HOURS!! This was a lot of fun, and a really nice turn out of members and a nice spread of characters. The Vader was a fan (not 501st obviously) and the Jedi worked at the comic shop. My battle w/ a Jedi! It didn't go well.... And there was a girl w/ an on point AntMan costume. Over all it was a great troop and we recieved a lot of toys for Toys for Tots.
  9. Man that lookes like a lot of fun! Never done a parade before, I hope I get a chance to do one some day Good job troopers!
  10. North Texas squad helping out a great organization for a great cause. We really needed a handler for this one, but managed to survive with out one. Thanks to Roger, Cameron and Natalie for trooping w/ me!
  11. Thanks everyone, It was an awesome troop to get my feet wet, but now that I have, i'm ready to jump right in!! lol Tim, i'm sure we will will meet up soon, as you say, NTX squad stays busy and I plan to do as many events as I can. Keep on Trooping Troopers
  12. Hello! Great time to join the Legion and Garrison! I look forward to seeing your build thread and hope you can make it out to some of our events to see the armor up close!! Good luck, you taken your first step into a larger world!
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