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  1. Much better on the chest plate after you added the extra strapping, if it still rides up you could bring it down some more by lengthening the shoulder straps. For the leg pieces, your shins seem to be going into the thigh parts. Some foam taped to the inside back of the thighs and then more foam to the inside front of the shins will really help fix that. You could maybe also pull that left forearm up a bit; all little no big deal tweeks. Nice work and good luck!
  2. Awesome job! You could tighten up the left side rear strap between the back and kidney, to tighten up the gap, but the build looks really good!
  3. Really nice. On the rear coverstrips, it does look like you have some room to still close it up with smaller ones if you wanted. Looks like plenty of overlap on the gap you needed to close. Also for the helmet- are those regular decals or the Dave M handpainted style? They almost look too good. Good luck!
  4. Looking good, Jay gave some great advise! Those side shims really need some bringing in. Hide that seam with elbow grease and ABS paste! Also on the back of either your shirt or your neck seal, is something painted or covered up? Good luck, enjoy Weird Al!
  5. Looks good, nice heavy duty strapping! Were the thicker cover straps on the rear legs needed to close some gaps?
  6. It's going to look great! Also dont forget to do a dry run before you do the paste to see if you need to bend the shims inwards so they contour better around you. Very tough to bend after you do the paste. The wet sand paper portion near the end is a great tip also!
  7. Love to see some AP armor! You popped your elastic on the shoulder bridges (you could bend them some to help take off the pressure) and dropped your note card . Looks really good! You could tighten the strapping up between the back and kidney and again with the sides on the kidney/ab to better align it, but should be no problem for a pass!
  8. Looks great! Interesting strapping- does your back piece free-float? I did not see any strapping that connects it to the kidney. Makes it really easy to suit up I bet.
  9. I'm no expert on these but just looking at it think it's awesome! Great job. Just the one strap sneaking under the chest in the first pic.
  10. Great job! All I see is you could touchup that one smeared outline on the side of your rear trap and maybe paint the tabs you have between your shims and abdomen to black; will hide them better. For a future upgrade you can make that shim line disappear with some ABS paste or JB plasti-weld and then paint! It takes some work sanding for sure but you will find it worth it in the long run.
  11. Awesome job, congrats! Another one for the Star Garrison to be proud of.
  12. I went with nuts and bolts for the TD, but if you used the screws you always add a touch of glue. I would not advise the zap, get out the E6000 and get to gluing! No downside, if you mess anything up just rip the strips off and your good to go again!
  13. Looking good! You could tighten the gap up between the back and ab piece a bit maybe, good luck!
  14. I've got no stake in this, but this can be a bit confusing to new Cent recruits- http://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/31361-tk-55255-request-anh-stunt-centurion-status-movie-fx163/
  15. Looks awesome! Unless the leg armor is skin tight, I agree that trying the foam could still maybe help with the sniper plate. Small piece in back of the bottom thigh, small piece in the front top of the shin. Your back armor also is overlapping your ab; could you lengthen your strapping to the ab in front and back to drop it an inch? Looks fine with your arms up, but with them down you can see it. No biggie though- good luck!
  16. Great looking build! Gaz might ask you to tone down the gold on the scope, but looks like an easy pass!
  17. I dont really notice the chest being crooked. Not much you can do about how narrow the back piece is- get everything together and suit up and let's see how it all looks! For the curve of the back, you could shorten your strapping to the chest to bring it up a bit, maybe also try heating and bending it slightly. My holster has the same problem with the short strap- I am always holding my blaster though, but when I'm not, it still holds fine without the strap.
  18. Just about there, nice job! You could tighten that gap up between the back and ab piece a bit, and flip your TD plate around. Good luck!
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