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  1. I'm learning a lot Andrew- I've been stalking the build thread. Looks like you are just about there, looking great!
  2. Thanks guys! The wires will be toast, I will look for some much thinner ones. Still lots of sanding to do it sounds like then, good tips on the paint! I can leave the shiny only for the handle and will plan on repainting with more of a flat black. Appreciate it!
  3. Hi everyone; waiting on the armor and doing what I can in the meantime. I saw the thread about the wires on the E-11; do these look OK? Have not glued them in yet and I still have a lot of sanding and painting and weathering to do, but wanted to check with everyone before I cemented these in. I appreciate the feedback!
  4. The helmet is looking great- nice work! This has been a great thread; guess I need to not rely on velcro only myself and get me some snaps, straps and s-trim while waiting on my kit.
  5. It's looking great Andrew! Hit the toy show with us this Saturday I would love to see it in person.
  6. Looks fantastic Andrew you are almost there! I'm so jealous you are going to be out there trooping by Halloween for sure. Yea that cat is a rebel sympathizer, she wants out of that restroom bad.
  7. Great post! Ordered the same boots today. Great way to save some bucks and time, thanks for the tip!
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