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  1. OK wanted to give some updated pics; after this I have SO much respect for everyone on here for their E11 builds and really for the sterling makeovers- simply works of art they produce! This can be some delicate, steady handed work which I found out again that is not really my strong suit. My sausage fingers and glue make for a bad combination at times but I got through it and am ready to troop this baby! It sure can be tricky finding the right combination of weathering; went back and forth a few times on a little vs a lot, but hope I found the sweet spot. This is an ongoing project I believe, with still little details here and there to add, but I think it's time to let it out of the house and play.
  2. You should be able to copy a link from photobucket that will display the full image on your post; we wont have to click all of the links. Sorry I'm a Imgur guy though.
  3. I have tried the traditional star shaped foam and switched to these; so easy to move around with velcro till you get them just right. I only used 3 after all was said and done. http://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/30122-fs-military-helmet-padding-kits/
  4. Nice job- I think it's time to get an application in order!
  5. Back at ya Adam- you are a pioneer! The links you posted for the available mic's that work was a huge save. I cannot wait until tomorrow to give it a field test. For me Eric, I had the Aker volume already set from my last troop with the head mic when I put in the throat mic; I had to then turn the Aker down some. Getting to lower the volume some will sure help prevent feedback.
  6. Pics are still in the thread; not sure but it may be on your PC end. Another great thread for shims is Haribon's thread. He has a couple of different ways to weld the pieces together and they look GREAT! http://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/26001-haribon72s-anh-stormtrooper-ne-hero-build/page-3
  7. You would be an ANH stunt TK; not hard to keep clean at all. I have at least 6 troops so far and have not cleaned mine up once. All you will get is very slight skuffs, that will only serve it to look more screen accurate. Click on the link below my signature on shims; you can match the armor pretty easily with some ABS paste or JB welding plastic putty and you will not even notice the seams where the gaps used to be. There are some other really great shim post's and examples out there also.
  8. Looks pretty good to me- stay classic! Flip those ab buttons around and through some shims on those sides between your ab and kidney and you are ready to rock it!
  9. Could just be the strapping needs to be tweeked tighter a bit, but wearing the belt tight will help a lot in closing that gap. You will know if the armor is too small, if there is no play in it. Can you pull the armor together to close the gap? Getting everything suited up for sure is the way to go before you start cutting the chest. I would think thigh garters are an after market add on for sure, a few different ones out there.
  10. Cut your outer cover strips only first, saving the rest for shim material. You can always use scrap pieces pieced together for the inner strips.
  11. Good idea Pete, that's a very helpful thread! Look forward to see how you like yours- mine took almost 3 weeks to come in though, overseas shipment.
  12. Agree- nice job! Definite NO to the acetone on the armor! You learned the hard way, yep it will melt it like acid. I used paint thinner on mine for the brushes and armor cleanup. You can wipe away those cracks with the thinner and start over if you need if the 2nd or 3rd coat does not hide them.
  13. I was pleasantly surprised about no feedback! Only adjustment I had was to move it up on my throat to find the sweet spot. Running around chasing Rebels during the laser tag should give me a great idea of how this will ultimately work, so me and my fellow troopers will for sure give a post real life troop assessment! Keeping my fingers crossed
  14. Awesome Andrew! Wow the new chest and back look fantastic and the pics turned out great. Should not be long!
  15. Looking great! Just about everything can be fixed with your strapping as Tim said. You are on the right track for sure. Bringing your bottom half up a few inches will take care of a lot (might be able to close those side gaps), as will moving those anchor points for the shoulders, then going from there with your bicep and forearm snaps and straps. Keep us posted!
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