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  1. Looking good Jim! I'm betting we'll be seeing you all suited up Saturday! Great documentation of your build, looking forward to seeing you push forward for EIB and Centurion!
  2. Welcome aboard Bob! Glad to see you made it here! Looking forward to seeing your big brown box day, and your progress, and of course hope to meet you sometime too!
  3. Nice! If you're going for Centurion, you'll probably need to paint the scope on the E-11 black, and add a ring to the back of it. Both are super easy to do, just something to consider doing when you're wanting to take a break from gluing and sanding armor!
  4. No pics of the D-19? For shame! Keep it up man, always glad to see more WIP posts from future Cloud City members!
  5. Looking good trooper! I think we are going to see another TK here in Cloud City soon!
  6. Nice work Mike! Looking forward to seeing you fully decked at troops soon!
  7. Haha, never heard that before! Big thanks to everyone for the feedback, I'm not sure how to adjust the "droopy butt"? Lots of squats in the armor? I'll look into maybe getting some flat black onto the scope, the camera flash really makes the gold stand out on the E-11 scope, yikes. Regarding the sides, I've dropped around 50 pounds in the last 7 months, which I'm super stoked for, but a little nervous to cut down some extra armor when my weight my fluctuate a wee bit. Gotta say the "must fit into armor" is really great motivation to hit the gym! Would leaving the sides on for a littl
  8. Name: Luke Killam TK ID: TK-44228 Forum Name: Lidocaine Garrison: Cloud City Garrison Height: 5' 10" Weight: 195 lbs Armor: RS Prop Masters Helmet: RS Prop Masters E-11: Hyperfirm Boots: RS Prop Masters Canvas belt: RS Prop Masters Hand Plates: RS Prop Masters Neck Seal: RS Prop Masters Holster: RS Prop Masters Full Body Armor Details Helmet Details Blaster Details Accessory Details
  9. TK-44228 requesting access. http://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=18117
  10. Thanks everyone for the help! I'm going suit up tonight and see how the final set of pictures turn out for approval. The main issue I have with the thighs is that they have the loops made out of elastic, and they're just a bit too stretchy for my comfort. I've got a black belt, and maybe just using that and hiking it up to mid chest will keep them in line!
  11. You know, it didn't even occur to me to shorten the elastic snap on the side, I'll check it out tonight and report back! For the glue, I'm not sure, I should probably mention this is the PVC version of the RS armor.
  12. Hi everyone! I've been lurking and reading for quite awhile, and it's amazing how once you get that glorious big brown box in the mail your mind goes blank. Anyway, I didn't trust my craft skills and asked that RS build my armor for me, and I believe they did a great job! However, I've dropped about 40 pounds since I sent over the measurements so I'm looking at armor that may not quite fit right in spots. Specifically my thigh pieces seem a little big, and with the webbing belt they supplied it's tough to get them to stay in place properly, I get a lot of sagging after walking a bit. I'm l
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