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  1. If you listen to the ILM panel that John Knoll hosted at celebration this year that's the whole reason for the new rendition. In canon, stormtrooper armor is supposed to be sleek, advanced, mass produced. This is just an idealized version of what the stomtrooper is. While we all love the bumpy original, this stream lined version overall really works for the digital, blu ray era.
  2. Just a suggestion but you may wanna go over to the Pathfinders boards and share this stuff there since it's become the official home for the Shoretrooper.
  3. I'd like to pick up an accurate version of the helmet at some point. I'm sure Anovos and a few other makers will have them in a year or so. It's definitely not the most hyped costume though. I just don't see myself ever building one. My regular TK does the job. Also the cod plate on the new one weirds me out a bit. No need to spend the time/money on this when it could go to a TFA or episode 8 suit for me.
  4. Yep looks the same to me. There's a few different variations of the same heat sink out there. Mine are actually a green color.
  5. Some people have been able to grab just the buckle from their local ski shops. If you have that option I'd shoot for that. If not just wait for a casting. Not worth buying the whole boot.
  6. The common theory at the moment is that the pants were custom made. No one has found an off the shelf solution yet.
  7. The heat sink is one of the details inside the back plate.
  8. Just a list of off the shelf parts for the Shore Trooper that have been found so far. Feel free to add to it. Yugoslavian M56 Ammo Pouch w/oiler Orca Bay Brecon Boot. Sand is the correct color, Havana is close as well. Martin Baker Ejection Harness Buckle Head Spine-Tech Ski Boot Buckle MSI DDR Chipset Heat Sink 38mm x 38 mm x 5mm
  9. The Shoretrooper helmet is already looking awesome!
  10. Small but exciting update. I'm now officially a member of the 501st! My TKID is TK-70022
  11. TK-70022 Requesting 501st access http://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=18866
  12. Gonna throw my hat in the ring of people having issues. How it has played out for me. March 8th I placed my order for an e11 full kit and a stand. March 17 I emailed asking if my order had been shipped/ was there a tracking number. No Response March 19th My order is listed as dispatched. April 3rd I email them asking for a tracking number. They respond with "We shipped via regular airmail on March 19th as for some reason no shipping costs were added to the invoice. If it has not arrived by next week please give us another email" April 22nd I email them again to let them know that I still have not received the package. No response. May 4th I email again that I have not received my package. As of today still no response. I could probably get my money back through PayPal but I really would just like my kit. I've finished up my armor and I need a blaster. I purchased off their website, if there was a problem and I wasn't charged the correct shipping they should have contacted me about it. I gladly would have paid for the shipping so I would have a tracking number at the very least. I even asked them about the tracking number before the shipped it out and they didn't say anything. I know not everyone has had the same experience but I figured I would share mine as a warning to people. I wouldn't recommend dealing with them at the moment.
  13. You're totally right. The thighs were my biggest and only issue yesterday. They were sagging and getting caught up with the knee plate. Other than that everything was very comfortable.
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