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  1. Congrats on the approval! I have something similar to your tab, using velcro. Works great!
  2. Nice looking shim, return edge came out great! It looks a little narrow in your hand compared to the size gaps in your test fit, but it's probably just the photo if you measured it.
  3. Looking good! The pics of the kidney notch's may be zoomed in too much- are they indeed notched out?
  4. Here is a good link; near the top posts. http://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/22792-how-to-hasbro-doopy-doos-e-11-mod/
  5. Looking good! You will need to drill some vent holes in your blaster though on the lower left side.
  6. Good eye spacebrew; build looks fantastic though! Expect a TK # soon!
  7. Dang! Sorry my bad, 39 cm is my neck. Misstype. Not working for you at 40 cm? Wow don't know what to say!
  8. I had a couple other troopers try on the neck mic at a con we had this weekend- so come to find out these are very dependent on the size of your neck. I have a 39cm neck diameter, and it works perfectly. I had someone with a bigger neck and another trooper with a smaller neck try it on, and we could not get any sound out of it. So measure your necks! You would probably be ok +/- a few cm.
  9. This looks really good- congrats on getting the finish line within your sight! Are you able to tighten up the strapping anymore, to get the kidney and ab piece to meet? What you have will easily get you approved, but for the higher levels you might need to make the small adjustment. Great build and thread.
  10. You could lengthen the strapping on the shoulders between the chest and back as Steve mentioned (which will bring the back down), and heat bend the top of the back pieces so it is not poking you. Should not have to bend them too much. Congrats on the EIB!
  11. Nice job! Only thing I see that you could tweek would be to bring the ab piece up to align with the top of the back section. This would also then put your kidney notch in the perfect spot at the bottom to match the curve of the abdomen. You would then have to re-do your rivets though on one side. Good luck!
  12. Looks like a false alarm; they were regular slot screws but it looks they are no longer on the CRL, I just checked- good deal!!
  13. Looks great Alex!! Dont forget the new screws on the TD for Centurion- wont be long!
  14. Much better on the kidney/ab alignment- looking good!
  15. 15 for arms, 20 for legs. The 25 for the backs of the legs is a last case scenario, if you after 20's you cannot get your leg's into the pieces. Dont think it matters of which method for velcro, as you said as long as they open to the inside. I started out with velcro shins, but you could really see the openings still. I then went hook and loop and did some heat bending with a heat gun and LOVE them! I really dont need the hook and loops now even, after the heat bending and shaping, they pretty much close up on their own without anything with no gap at all. Something more to think about!
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