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  1. Is shipping a blaster in multiple parts an option ? No part then looks like a weapon, if it's broken up in a sympathetic way then using a few pins and glue at the recipients end should get it back to almost normal. Having no knowledge of casting or how difficult it might be, just thought it could be an option, there could be a lot of interest if it was feasible.
  2. Hoorah for a BBB day, now the fun really begins.
  3. Great seeing all the hard work you have put into builds and that your tweaking and improving all the time.
  4. Very nice build of your helmet interior, I think I now know where to start with fitting mine out......when I put it together.
  5. Very nice paint job on the helmet, looks so much better white than yellow.
  6. Congratulations on your EIB & Centurion achievements. And what a great read, made me chuckle a couple of times
  7. I always enjoy watching a build come together
  8. I would also be interested to see how this breaks down into separate parts, shipping a complete Hyperfirm to anywhere outside the US, is prohibited in most countries. However, multiple deliveries of separate parts.........
  9. Congratulations on your Big Brown Box day.............now the fun really starts
  10. I remember I had a game plan for my build.........then it all went to pieces once I got my hands on the shiny plastic
  11. Welcome to the FISD. You will find everything you need to know on these forums, the WIP posts are a great asset as you begin your build, even before purchase of your kit, you can see what you've gotten yourself into ...........just kidding, it's great fun once you start. Enjoy the journey.
  12. Oh I definitely need to get my act together and get my build finished, I hurt my back at the beginning of May so it put a stop to finishing the strapping on my torso, tricky to do on your own at the best of times, with a bad back......worse. However I have not been lazy, the more I looked at my TD and after checking the requirements of UK Garrison approval (my original parts came over generously pre trimmed), I decided to rip it apart and rebuild with new end caps & plate from "Troopermaster" which should give a more screen accurate and more importantly, approvable TD. No need to hint , my plan was always to build for Centurion, picking up EIB on the way.
  13. As always a great read. Just need to get my act together and get myself to a celebration, it looked like too much fun to miss.
  14. Welcome to the FISD, everything you need to know is just a question away.
  15. Sad to see AM armor is no longer made, was hoping one day to go for a sandy with his armor........after I finish my AM2 TK. Wonder if anybody will take over production using his forms ?
  16. Personally I like the flat T-Track, helps to differentiate them from the rest of the barrel.
  17. Next........wearable Lego armour ?
  18. I always like to see numbers and charts I definitely think that as more armours are coming out of the box at a higher standard and the knowledge base is growing from reference sources and without doubt the huge impact of build threads and guidance from experienced builders, the amount of EIB troopers will only increase to a point were most will go for it straight away, which can only have a positive effect on the Centurion numbers.
  19. Nice build, and being somebody who is also trying to shed a few surplus pounds, great news.
  20. I'm 6ft and 240 pounds, with a 42 inch waist (shrinking) and the AM 2 is going to fit fine, from the pieces I have put together, including what is a concern for a few, the abs & kidney pieces, there has been no need to create shims.<br><br> The thighs are actually going to need about an inch from there length and I've already trimmed surplus from the joins, with more to go, so I don't think they should be a concern, even with cyclist thighs like mine<br><br> I would definetly reccomend the AM 2 kit for a larger build trooper
  21. Now that's a great costume, looks like the head must weight quite a bit, more comfortable than a TK to move around in ?
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