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  1. Since I am about to begin my Doopy build of my very own E-11, I have a quick question. Are Hengster and Power Cylinders standard on the ANH E-11 ? I only ask because personally I think they ruin the clean lines of a standard E-11 and I do not want to add them to my build, but for the sake of accuracy I would. I read once that they had a habit of falling off the E-11 on set, so there's a mix of both on screen, but I am just curious if there's actually two versions on purpose. Would that make it E-11 and the E-11a variant ? Just Checking Art
  2. I just found the elastic, snaps and glue I was looking for on Ebay 15mm black snaps 1 inch black flat woven elastic, 10 metres Fabric Glue I am going to do a few weight tests and strength tests once it all arrives, in the meanwhile my E-11 mod kit from T-Jay just arrived
  3. Is it a bad sign that when I woke up this morning, my first thought was how I was going to do my webbing with elastic and glue ?
  4. That's interesting to know, I was all set to buy webbing, but I am now wondering about the logistics of using elastic, more importantly in how to keep the strength at the ends once a snap has been punched through, doubling up at the ends would be my first thought. Since I have a lot of time to wait and prepare, I am trying to adopt an approach of looking at all options for my eventual build......within my skill level. Art
  5. Thanks for measuring Snaps, it's much appreciated. Where I can, I will be buying from FISD members who sell items based on there own experiences and recommendations, if the knowledge is out there, why ignore it I am hoping to go for a Centurion RT-Mod build from out of the box.
  6. Thanks for the link, I will go and have a read soon as I finish typing this. Ah, totally forgot about the strapping on the arms, obviously stretchable strapping is best. I have been having a few thoughts about webbing that acts more like suspenders for the thighs and calves as I have seen a few comments about the weight pulling belts downwards, not sure how feasible it will be.
  7. Since I have a bit of a wait till I receive a brown box of my own, I thought I should get around to buying all the bits & pieces I am going to need, but I have a few questions. I have seen on a few lists that, 1 inch white elasticated strapping is required, am I right in thinking it's just for the shoulders ? Then there's 1 inch black elasticated strapping, not sure about this as I thought all the black strapping was just nylon webbing. Incidentally, what's the recommended width of black webbing ?. I realise these questions might seam obvious, but I plan on doing this right from the beginning of my build when it happens and I figured with the knowledge base this site has, best to ask. And lastly.....for the moment , is 15mm the standard size of snaps to use ? I see a lot of Amazon in my future. Cheers Art
  8. Thanks for the update. Looking forward to seeing your changes and how it all works out, from the standard of your build, I expect you will pass with no problems
  9. Hi I was just checking to see if there was any progression on the changes you were thinking of doing to bring your armour up to Centurion ? I only ask as I will hopefully receive my RT-Mod armour in august and I was hoping to go fro Centurion out of the box.......easier said than done at the moment as I am still compiling my shopping list.......it's a long list. Cheers Art
  10. I found myself nodding along to a lot of his points, even things I never really thought about, I may have to watch the films again to see if I am as confused as I think I am.............but then I like Star Wars Rebels...............I think.
  11. I hope your all having a great Christmas, wherever you are. Santa never brought me a set of armour but with fingers crossed I hope to get myself kitted out and ready to join the ranks of the 501st next year, hopefully ready for SDCC in July. Cheers Art
  12. Cycling and eating a bit healthier is paying off, dropped my waist size by two inches, getting closer and closer.............now I just need some armour.......now steering towards RT-Mod, built for a larger gentleman Still got plenty of research to do and builds to read. Cheers Art
  13. Looking forward to your progress, I just added this thread to my "How to assemble Armour" list, it's a very long list , for when I eventually get a set of RT-Mod to put together.
  14. Definitely following this thread, I really need a set of RT-Mod armor in my life..........soon as the waiting list reopens. Great work so far
  15. Few observations from picking the images apart Definetly looks like the end of a standard sterling magazine. Looks like the dark area at the barrel end is T-track or something giving the fin type shape. Looks like a folding stock White end cap Rail mount for the scope And I just noticed the trigger finger has some sort of white armour effect. Need more pictures
  16. After a lot of thought and not wanting to rush things with a purchase I may not be happy with if I cannot get the shims smaller, I have decided to put things on hold until I see if I can shift some waist, hopefully sooner rather than later, sooner if I can get my hands on an un built RT Mod set. That being said, I really have the urge to build an ANH helmet or top of my list, a Tie Fighter Pilot helmet, just need a good source of one of those. Cheers Art
  17. @ Bulldog44 1) I never thought about looking at application posts, thanks for the advice, I will go have a dig about. 2) "E6000 is extremely forgiving"...I like the sound of that 3) I have never trusted Dremels, once nearly sliced my finger with one while cleaning a resin Rocketeer helmet, now I stick to a trusty scalpel and plenty of blades as they tend to ping about when put under stress, I like things I can control easy. 6) I might look into either uplighting or downlighting, either by building a base and recessing the lights or mini spotlights. @ Gazmosis Thanks for the reply Here's the sizes of armour and my size for comparison. Me Calves - 17" Thighs - 25" Waist - 42" very snug / 44" comfortable Forearm - 13" Bicep - 15" RT Mod Calves - 17" Thighs - 26" Waist - 40" Forearm - 13.5" Bicep - 16" TM (possibly .5 of an inch larger on all except waist size) Calves - 17" Thighs - 24" Waist - 36" Forearm - 13" Bicep - 15" I have to admit that the shimming is a concern, even with the more generous RT armour I knew I was going to have to shim, I actually drew out the potential shim sizes last night and was surprised at how big 2x 4 inch shims will look and more importantly blend into the existing armour. I have added cycling to my fitness regime to reduce some of my weight, which has slowly helped my waistline, hence my wanting to reduce and eventually remove any shims I use, however this will take time, I think my haste may have potentially got the better of me, the side effect being that my thighs are now bigger I have looked into RT armour in the past, but the waiting time and potential customs sting made me seek a set closer to home, patience has never been a strong point with me and I am eager to begin a new project. Thanks Again Art
  18. Afternoon All So, I am almost on the verge of ordering a set of TM Troopermaster Armour. And now the panic sets in, I vaguely know what I need to collect before I begin, tools, glue and such. But I have a few questions, forgive me if these are answered in threads, I have been scouring this site for weeks trying to sort everything out in my head about what exactly I have bitten off, unfortunately I now find my head is full of random details, I think I may have woken up once shouting "not my ABS buttons" however, here we go, all answers or directions on where to look or builds to read will be much appreciated. 1) Is there a photo guide out there, showing the differences (in photos, not just text) between classes of build ?, I really wanted to go for "Centurion", but think I should start with "Expert Infantryman" first, I worry about biting off more than I can chew.......probably a bit late 2) Since I will invavriably end up fighting with gluing pieces together, how user friendly is E6000 for "gluing, getting wrong, removing, regluing...repeat", my bathroom can attest to Silicone gone wild. 3) Any valuable "Doh!" moments to avoid, or "I wish I knew that at the beginning moments" 4) Since I am not regulation issue, I will have to shim by about 6 to 8 inches (although I hope to reduce that.....wonder how many diets have been started because of Armour builds ?), My armour will be ABS, so I have been looking for good shimming guides and more importantly, ways to remove excess paste without damaging the surface, I would hate to get bright and shiny armour, then scuff up areas while trying to remove excess paste. 5)In reference to the above, I plan on reducing the size of the shim as I lose weight, anybody done this with success, or am I doomed. 6) And finally, once I have finished the build, I plan on displaying it on a mannequin (I don't want it living in a box between troops), I was thinking of building a corner piece in my room to resemble a chunk of deathstar corridor, just a thought as it will look better than old woodchip wallpaper.....any thoughts on a suitable background would be appreciated. Phew...., if your still reading, thank you, if you can offer any help or advice or even a point in the right direction, double thank you. Now I may need to sit in a corner for a while and think about what I have let myself into. Cheers Art
  19. Really enjoying this build, I had to subscribe so that I wont miss the next thrilling instalment p.s Like the dog, every trooper should have a faithful companion. Art
  20. Definitely going to be following this thread. Just curious, but what armour are you shimming and by how much ? I only ask as I will need to shim my TM Troopermaster armour by about 8 inches (4 each side), my plan is to reduce the size of the shim as I hopefully reduce the size of my waist Art
  21. To me the helmet looks like it's sagging from the brow down, stretching the features.
  22. Sigh.....one day, I hope to have a brown box full of shiny white armour arrive at my doorstep, in the meanwhile I shall be following your build intently.
  23. Photoshop Jockey over hear, but I occasionally ride pillion with Google Sketchup........it's a big saddle
  24. Researching......

  25. Wow!, just spent a few hours reading through your build, I am stunned by how great your armour came out, all of the work in reducing the size from out of the box was well worth it. Now i just need to get myself sorted and order myself a set of armour, I was initially going to go with RS armour, as there in the same country as me, but after doing research and reading and research, I think I will be opting for the RT Mod armour as it's more accommodating for the well upholstered person Your build has definitely inspired me, Thank you. Art
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