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  1. Welcome to the FISD! Looking forward to seeing you build.
  2. Wow!! I like what I see so far. Especially the fingertip buttons.
  3. Thanks Shane. Glad to hear that it goes away I really like the stuff I use it for a lot of other things but never something I'm going to have on my head for potentially hours at a time.
  4. Welcome aboard David!! I just received my armor yesterday and I'm already having a blast! Can't wait to hear about yours in the near future.
  5. I thought you could always see the sales threads, but couldn't reply to any until at least 5 posts made, that could've changed though.
  6. Thanks for the tips guys, I will proceed with Plastidip spray then.
  7. So I'm thinking of spraying the inside of my bucket with plastidip, but wanted to know if it would better to just use regular spray paint for less smell, if there is such a thing between the two?
  8. Well I got home from work to find this waiting. Props to RS Props for the prompt turnaround time, this was a 40th Anniversary kit they just had on sale May 25th and I already received it!! Guess its time to start a build thread.
  9. WTF kits are amazing! If your a bigger trooper go for AM 2.0 kit
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