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  1. Hi Ross I’m new to the UKG and was given your details from cable guy who recommended you as one of the best armourer to go to.

    im just getting started and will need the whole stormtrooper kit, I have no skills in building kits etc so would need a custom fit. I can see you live some distance from myself if this will be an issue could you recommend some closer to Yorkshire.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks Craig 


  2. Looking sharp Tom . get starving your self ready for centurion and get the new TD screws painted black ready to fit Good luck mate
  3. Ross Walmsley TK5509 EIB A4 Tony Thank you http://www.whitearmor.net/eib/certificates/5509-eib.png
  4. Thank you very much . a great start to my Thursday . No problem on the mods as i will be looking at Centurion now . The Tears are hand painted and this lump was added into my mould like the originals. as you have noted it is a bit big so this is now amended in my new helmet mould . No problem on the side gaps, this armour has had a bit of use so the elastics have stretched. i will get them shortened. I will get the belt trimmed back nice and tight to the ridges. I can confirm that the drop boxes are 15mm. I will get the black screws swapped for flat head. I dont know what my drop boxes are doing there as i always insist people move them to the end . i will get them sorted. thanks for your comments everyone . i will get the adjustments done, get some more photos and then have a go at Centurion . cheers Ross
  5. thanks . yeah its about time i did . not enough hours in the day
  6. here is the pic of the single cap rivet. canvas belt is 73mm plastic belt is 104mm
  7. Sure no problem. no rush. here are the 2 pics requested. cheers Ross
  8. Name: Ross Walmsley 501st ID: TK5509 501st Profile: https://www.501st.com/forum/memberlist.php?mode=viewprofile&u=5659 FISD Forum Name: Ross8008 Garrison: UK Garrison Armour: RWA Helmet: RWA Blaster: Sheartech rubber Height: 5' 10" Weight: 12 stone 6 lb Boots: ISD Canvas Belt: RWA Hand Plates: ISD rubber Gloves: ISD Latex hand guards Neck Seal: RWA Holster: ISD Undersuit: Extreme 2 part Electronics: trAMP Hi. its about time i got round to getting myself sorted with you guys please see the following pics of my 1mm ABS RWA ANH Stunt TK. The kit has had a bit of a battering as im always on the deck or sat in vehicles etc. Please advise on any extra pictures needed or any mods you require. This is the Standard i require kits to be built to for basic clearance on the UKG so will be interesting to see your system and standards . Hoping to get Centurion after i have sorted the EIB. cheers Ross, RWA.
  9. Thank you all for your kind words. I am please to say that i now have been added to the "Vetted Makers" list. cheers Ross
  10. Paul has been chatting with the staff to identify the roots of my kit. I would like to confirm the base kit is TE derived . I am very pleased to say i have now been added to the "Vetted makers" list Thanks Ross
  11. Hi guys, cheers . yes it was about time i come over and said Hi .
  12. Hi My Name is Ross Walmsley ( RWA Creations) . I sell TK, TD, TX kits amongst other things. I am just in the process of applying to be an approved seller on this forum. If you have Purchased anything from me i would appreciate any feedback on my service in this thread thanks for your time Ross
  13. Hello. My Name is Ross Walmsley and i am from the Isle of Wight in England. Christopher Pearson is an active member on this forum and suggested i pop up a post to see if i can become an approved supplier by your selves . I will start from the beginning.. I joined the UK Garrison in 2009 trooping with a FX TK kit and SDS bucket. Our squad (The Vectis Remnant Squad) were given an old X-34 land speeder that the UKG had owned for several years. We restored this and i got my first taste of prop building. This has become more and more of an obsession over the years and we have built a pod racer, Tatooine Backdrop and a brand new X-34 landspeeder for Celebration last year and various other items. About 5 years ago i started experimenting with vac forming in an old oven and made my son a mini biker scout kit. This is when we decided to make a few Sandtroopers to go along with our speeder. Me and a friend bought a second hand home built vac former and started to experiment and modify the machine. This is when the TK/ TD started.. We had an old overcast ROTJ TK kit that was in a pretty bad way. very soft pulls and mould lines on the shin rear, thigh rears, biceps and forearm rear. We used a heat gun to try and get a bit of shape back into the kit and held some parts in wooden frames to support it. coating several times in gel coat we build up a workable layer that we could later grind back and shape. we continued with fibreglass and then backfilled with bonding to stabilise the bucks. When this was dry we broke of the outer plastic and were left with our rough copies. we then attacked with grinders, dremels etc to rework the lost details and remove the mould lines etc. I am a few years into this now and still have plenty of mods to do on the kit as i want to get it to the best i can. This only started out to supply a few members of the Vectis Remnant squad but soon started to spread. I began selling to UKG members and word of mouth took over. I set up a Facebook page "RWA Creations" at the start of this year as i decided to start sculpting various other armour etc. there are plenty of pics in my albums to take a look at. I seem to have built up a good reputation as being self employed for over 20 years i know how to run a business well. Below i will pop up some photos and annotate with my adjustments.. Helmet, originally re shaped, re defined frown, deepened tears traps etc. recently completely reworked as this photo. more depth to traps and tears etc, sharper back cap base, more height to back cap. eye bump. sharpen vocoder and surrounding areas.. Butt/ Kidney. split in to 2 and added notches to lower kidney. sharpened back panel and added return edges that were non existent. Ab. Sharpened all details. added return edges. letter box to centre section. created line to belt zone. WIP... re shaped by pulling sides in, moving lower line below the belt off centre and tidying up more.. Chest. reworked shape and refined. added return edges. WIP. (see above pic) extended side edges and sharpen. Back. Reworked shape, added return edges, re carved OII and surrounding area. Thighs. Added peak to left upper. removed rear mould lines. carved return edges in. re worked lower ledges to sharpen and define. Shins. Only had the right one so created a left. removed rear mould lines. re defined top ledge and sharpen. once this was done to the standard ones they were copied, split and made into a set of Long shins for taller troopers. Hand plates, bridges etc. re carved to sharpen all details. bridges essentially came from a flat pair. i bent them, sharpened and removed the rear large flat part as they were symmetrical. End caps are 68mm drain pipe. Belt, knee ammo, drop boxes, buttons etc. All made from wood. Forearms. Originally had one left one with mould lines on rear. copied split and reversed to get a pair. these were still a bit small and awkward so i made a longer set as seen below. I need to remake these again as they require more shape. Biceps. remade several times from old set that had a strange small one and mould lines on all parts.. Sniper knee. re carved/ filled to suit new left leg. Ears.. reworked ears to suit adjusted new lid.. Bells.. squashed and increased in depth. sharpened outer line and added lower returns.. Here is my 1mm kit i made last year. this allows me to get in vehicles and on the floor etc. proper stunt suit I have also made bucks for Shadow Guard, Tie Pilot Armour and working on various other items cheers for now
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