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  1. So my build is done! Woo-hoo! I obviously need to update this thread - lots of fun and lots learned along the way. I have been so busy building that I haven't taken the time to update my thread - sa-weeeeeeeeeeeee. I will put together something complete. :-)
  2. Time for some updates!<br><br> My KW armor has left Los Angeles and is coming this way! My decals from TrooperBay are in, and Kaitlyn is working away on my neck seal. <br><br> My E11 blaster has been ordered from Toronto through Quest Design Canada (thanks Kirok for spoiling me with a Centurion grade blaster!) and my boots have been sized and ordered from Gio. I am most nervous about the boots coming in given how far away they have to come, and the time it has taken others to receive them. I am definately keeping my eyes open for boots that I could fabricate as a 'B' pair.<br><br> Kirok and I crossed the border last weekend for some Plasti-Dip, and also hit up our local hobby store for some Testor's paint. I'll have a good update for the supplies post soon. :-) Just about have everything. I am starting to think about the inside of my helmet, and hiw I will rig the electronics. I know this bucket has less room on the inside, so I'll leave my decisions about padding and collabt systems until it is assembled. Do you think the motorcycle shop will look at me oddly when I walk in with a stormtrooper helmet?<br><br> The time is almost upon me to get my under armor and gloves. I do have underlayers I can use for fitting armor pieces for the time being though. I'm going to be picky about the black layer as it will be what I feel for hours on end against my skin. I'll likely hit up MEC within the next couple of weeks.<br><br> I am still working on my 'How To' manual. Oh sooooo many hours mod-ing the amazing work of others, collecting reference shots, etc. I am making a manual of sorts for myself that I will use to build and mark up with my own comments. I'm trying to make a nice clean, consistent format, so that I can grab an armor piece, and have materials, trim, sand, & fit details all clearly outlined.<br> My goal is to take this working manual pieced together from others, and end up with my own How To with photos, etc. <br><br> Once I have my guide roughed in, I'll make my next post here with my prep materials- snap plates, elastic, webbing, etc. This is the stuff I want to make first, so it will be ready to roll. <br><br> I hope the time I'm putting in now will translate to a faster build. The more hours I spend pouring over this, the more confident I feel in what I'm doing. This is either genius, or madness.
  3. Thank you my Lady! Not sure if you heard but bzb submitted some edit suggestions to our CRL - all common sense things (like not dictating how something has to be put together...such as the "rivet" on the ab plate thing). Keep an eye on the CRL to see if anything changes. Nothing that would effect early days in the build though so no worries on that. I am currently putting together a detailed map of how I am planning on attaching everything to everything else. I want a really clear plan so that I don't have to derp around once everything is trimmed. stay tuned...that will be official post #3! Headed to 'Murica tomorrow to pick up some stuff that we do not have locally here in my beloved Canada to help with the build. ANNNNNNNNNNNNNNDDDDDDDDDDDD...Kevin emailed me yesterday to say my armor and helmet kits are on the way!
  4. I may have found the answer. Yeah, they do mean literally a rivet. Now obviously I would not use a sub-standard method to close a VERY important piece to my armour. The CRL says it must be present - it does not say it must be used. So if this stands I would put in the rivet (hidden anyways) ground down on the outside, with glue, for show only. HOWEVER, bzb was kind enough to share with me that he just submitted some edits to the Legacy Fem CRL. One of the things proposed was getting rid of the rivet thing anyways. So hopefully it all gets sorted before I finish. :-)
  5. Hi Everyone, Ok, there is a point that is very unclear for me on the CRL of the Legacy Era Female - in regards to the abdominal plate. The CRL reads: Abdomen Armor For 501st approval: Two rivets, approximately 5/16"(8mm) diameter, are present on the left side of the abdomen armor, covered by chest/back armor and the belt boxes. Two male snaps on the top right corner and bottom right corner of the ab plate are present, covered by chest/back armor and the belt boxes. So we are talking here about the ab plate - the left front side for the rivets, and the right front side for the male snaps. These two parts of the armor obviously never connect together as they are merely the opposite sides of the same frontal piece. Can someone please clarify what the term 'rivet" and "male snaps" mean in this instance? For me a rivet is a rivet - the little decorative tab on the useless mini pocket on the front of jeans. By rivet, does this mean an actual, non functional 8mm rivet for decorative purposes (I think not) or do they mean the butt end of a male snap? Or do they mean the back end of a female snap? My male snap, does this mean the phallic end of a standard Line24 male snap? Whatever the case, it would seem to me that this is 4 holes that need to be drilled into your armor - so not a place where you can snap plate. i want to be very clear on this. I feel like I'm taking crazy pills. Abdomen Armor For 501st approval:
  6. So just to clarify, when they say "rivets" on the CRL, what they really mean to say is the male and female side of snaps. so AKA one side of your ab plate has to snap shut as per the CRL, the other side can Velcro shut. Am I correct?
  7. LEGACY FEM BUILD THREAD ENTRY #2 – WORKSHOP SETUP Hi everyone and thank you so much for your support in my build thread. Entry #2 focuses around my workshop space. I honestly cannot express how lucky I am to have my partner Kirok. I left to hit the gym today and came back to the Love of my Life covered in drywall dust. While I was gone he roughed in a 'Woman Cave' for me so that I had a place to fabricate my stormtrooper armor. Besides putting up a huge patch of drywall he had to move stacks of heavy things and reorganize and clean the whole area. Then he spent the rest of the day helping me decorate - we even went to the locker to bring back some treasures to decorate with. Now we have a place to fabricate, make adjustments and repairs, and really get-er-done! I have posted photos below of the workshop and tools I have assembled. I hope you’ll stay tuned! Just a quick note that anything I put in red text within this thread is a question. Anything I put in green text is an opinion which I hope will spark some further conversation. Thanks so much for your support! WORKSHOP: A view of the workshop - note Bob the mannequin guarding the gates. Bob is protecting the workshop wearing some of my Han Solo cosplay - if you look closely you will see his is sporting a button of the Dark Lord. A shot of my tool area - please see entry #1 for the detailed list. Kirok had the brilliant idea to use one of our unused action figure cases to hold the little bits and pieces like snaps, earth magnets, thread, etc. Nice looking website! Shout out to the Capital city Garrison here in Ottawa, Canada! Nothing to do with the build actually just some toys for inspiration.
  8. Thanks so much bzb this is just the kind of advice I need. I have added the hardware for the TD attachment to the list, and also changed from Dritz to Line24 snaps (previous to you saying that, I didn't realize that was a brand name). I was thinking of using the same helmet liner as Shannon - I will keep in mind that it is best to not use E6000 in the helmet. Under "fun stuff' I mention the fans - I will have to see how much room I have to play with after I get my big fat head in there....just as a curiosity, do you also apply lens defogger?
  9. <a data-ipb='nomediaparse' href='http://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/41823-stormtrooper-legacy-era-female-build-by-legacyfem/page-1#entry560300'>http://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/41823-stormtrooper-legacy-era-female-build-by-legacyfem/page-1#entry560300</a><br><br> Alright I have my build thread going! Thank you everyone for your guidance! :-)
  10. LEGACY FEM BUILD THREAD ENTRY #1 - MATERIALS Hi everyone and thank you so much for your support in my build thread. I am making a Legacy Era Female Stormtrooper, and have chosen the “A version”. It is modelled off of the detail of the Gentle Giant Jes Gistang statue – the main differences between this and the comic version are a more detailed back plate, thermal detonator, and of course, the heels. I am not even 5”3 so every little bit helps! I have no experience in this whatsoever, so will be doing my best to document everything very clearly so that you can see how its going and guide me along. There are some great build threads already in this forum, which have been immensely helpful to me as I did my research. I will update this as I go, include lots of photos, and by the end I will hopefully have an armor I can be proud of, and what I hope will be a useful resource for those to come. SoulArt is also planning on starting a build thread soonfor the same kit so please check her’s out! I will link it here once it is going. THE RIGHT STUFF: *Below is a list of everything I have/am getting/planning on using. If you see something that looks incorrect, please sound off and let me know! TO WEAR: Armor & Helmet: Armour: TK Legacy Female Stormtrooper armor kit (KW Designs) *To the best of my knowledge, Kevin at KW is the only person who sells this armor. He has been lovely to deal with! More info on this armor: http://www.imperialsurplus.com/femtk.html Bucket: TK Legacy Female Stormtrooper helmet kit: comes with lens cover, rubber brow and neck ring and hardware to assemble helmet (KW Designs) Decals for helmet: Jes Gistang Helmet decals, gloss black curved tube stripes (TrooperBay.com) Screen for inside of frown: small rectangular “cat scratch” window screening with black plastic coating over fiberglass weaving (sourcing from local hardware store) Paint: I do not think the decals cover every bit that needs to be painted – correct me if I am wrong but I believe I will need some gloss black to do the vocoder at the front? Aerators/Hovi mix tips: My man is getting his ANH Stunt from Mark, who is sending an extra pair of finished tips for me. (Authenticprops) Padding: bzb recommended using Vega Insight Full Face Helmet Replacement Liner (Grey, Small) I have not yet ordered this from Amazon but it sounds like a good choice as I want the inside of my helmet to look nice and be organized. Anyone have any thoughts they would like to kick in? The bucket for this build is smaller than the trilogy helmets. Plasti-Dip: Want the brush on stuff to coat inside of helmet. Where do you get this from? Fun stuff: I am currently still deciding about which coolant system I will use, then a bit later down the road, which mic-ing system. Our local garrison will help us choose a good model for our crazy Canadian weather – I will edit this to include an update once I know. Undersuit & Soft Parts: Under Armour black two piece suit (still shopping around for this one) Neck Seal: (KitKatKatu) Kaitlyn happens to be local to me. Another well trusted source for neck seals is Darman. Gloves: TBD. Any suggestions? Belt: Do I need a white canvas belt to go under the plastic belt? If so what width? I could not really find this info anywhere. Boots: Fem Chunky A version white leather boots (Gio at CrowProps) *I have been told these tend to fit up to a size too big so I asked Gio to make them a bit smaller. I took photos of my left and right foot in a standard shoe measure as he makes them to spec. Again, to the best of my knowledge Gio is the only horse in town on these so unless you want to mod a pair of very similar looking white boots, this is what you need on your feet. I was advised to order them right away as they have to travel all the way form Ecuador. Weapon: It would seem there is a bit of wiggle room on this as this armor is based on a face character, yet is not a face character in itself. I believe the standard E-11 blaster is often used, but the history of this character leans more towards heavy artillery. Of course having a weapon is not required for approval, but it would be great to have some more info on this. Sadly there is no EIB or Centurion levels for the armor yet – I hope this is a conversation that could be had in the future though as my choice of weapon (and mods) will rely a lot on this. I will be using a local contact (via AP) for my weaponry, once I know which direction to head in. TOOLS/MATERIALS: For gluing: 1. E-6000 glue, WHITE 1 tube (got at Michael’s…they were the only place that had white) *I know some people also use Zap-A-Gap and Zip kicker but I have decided to just stick with E-6000 and wait out the 12 hour cure time. I will edit with how many tubes I use by the end….it will be more than 1 for sure. 2. Wooden tongue depressors for patting down glue (Dollar Store) 3. A variety of mini and small clamps (Princess Auto) 4. Ten 20 mm x 3 mm round rare earth magnets, covered in blue tape to prevent scratching armor (Princess Auto) For Cutting/Trimming: 5. Black & Decker Wizard with every freaking attachment there and the flexible shaft so I can hang the thing to help save my hands a bit. (This is the same thing as a Dremel – get it at any Hardware store) 6. Curved Lexan scissors, Straight Lexan scissors, Reamer cutting tip (basically a poker to start the hole before cutting) 7. Exacto knife/extra blades 8. Sheers 9. Half-round diamond file 10. Small "Needle file" set – 5 different shapes 11. 3M pro grade precision 220 grit sandpaper 12. 3M pro grade precision 180 grit sanding sponge For Fastening: 13. Line 24 24 5/8 inch metal snaps heavy duty x20 *Thanks bzb for the tip that Dritz brand are prone to failures 14. Prym Snap setting pliers 15. Butane Lighter (for sealing the ends of nylon strapping) 16. Black and white thread for sewing elastics 17. Elastic - 1 inch black elastic & 1 inch white, 3 metres each 18. Dritz nylon strapping, 1inch black and 1 inch white - 1 roll each (TrooperBay) 19. Velcro, heavy duty white 2inch, 8ft & heavy duty black 2inch, 4ft 20. White sheets of styrene from .4mm to 2.0mm thick (to cut up into squares and set snaps into – this is what I will glue to the inside of my armor) 21. 1.75" flat head screws with nuts on the inside of the tube and finish washers. x4 *Thanks bzb for the tip on this being the method to drill the TD onto the kidney plate! General Tools/Supplies: 22. Hammer 23. Needle nose pliers 24. Vice grips 25. Heavy duty scissors 26. Screwdrivers (stubby set to get into tight places) 27. Soldering iron (to pre-punch strapping) 28. Pencil for marking 29. Needles for sewing over edges of strapping 30. Cloth measuring tape 31. 3M Blue painter’s tape 32. Ruler 33. Fine paintbrushes for detailing 34. Drill with small bit for 1.75" screw hole 35. Glue gun for hot gluing (recommended for holding in helmet padding) Thank you again to everyone for the help. Tomorrow we will start on building my workspace downstairs. Stay tuned for photos of my set-up, including workshop guardian Bob the Mannequin as Hans Solo. (Yes, we have a mannequin in our basement…long story ).
  11. Thanks Pyrates there are lots of great LegacyFem build threads on this forum thank goodness! I have been studying this one and a few others to try and see the differences people take with the details.
  12. Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet! Hmmm, LegacySoul? Oh yes I have a huge compiled list of what is needed based on many different opinions of the "best" way to do some things. I just want to whittle it down a bit so we are tight with the best, most current knowledge (for example not all ANH build tools will apply to us). To the best of my knowledge bzb has the most experience with assembling this particular kit, so I'm sure he will be able to weigh in with some solid tested advice. Woo hoo away we go!
  13. So I just spoke with Kevin at KW and we are finalizing where we are shipping to, but I am cued up and set to get my armor kit within a month by the look of it. Scary. My goal is to compile a detailed build thread with photos, links to websites/emails where I purchased things, list of tools, etc. If I am going to dedicate countless hours of my life to this, I want to make sure there is a legacy of what to do (and likely what NOT to do - lol). I hope you will all check it out, and veto things that don't look right. Soulart I am sure you will have some great contributions about sourcing things from our beautiful Canada. And so it begins....
  14. Don't I know it! We are friends with some of the local garrison members who have already been a great support. Apparently there is an armour night in the works so I am hoping that comes up sooner rather than later so I can sit in and learn from the masters.
  15. Thanks Aaron et all! I will most definitely do a build thread - in fact I will fire this up soon with my preparatory steps and work. I appreciate all of the support - I am looking forward to tackling this!
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