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  1. Nice build so far. The only thing i can suggest for the return edges if you want to get them really even and smooth is use some ABS paste and gradually build up the areas where it dips down from level, then once those areas are filled, use a very light sandpaper or a long flat file to slowly even them up, luckily the area is not an area than needs to be super shiny, however there are ways to return the shine to the paste....i think. If your using a file and it fills with dried paste dust, just wipe it down with acetone and it will soon clean up. I have done a similar thing with the bottom of my thighs, which when formed were more at an angle than at 90 degrees to the outer edge, i used a heat iron to bend them to the right shape, then filled the dents and folding with ABS paste and slowly filed until the edges began to flatten out to the same level, i could explain better with pictures, but typically i dont have any handy. Hope that makes sense
  2. Wow!! Great thread and build. I keep thinking about getting a 3d printer, really like the end results from yours.
  3. I am so stealing the forearm to bicep jig idea
  4. Much Appreciated........Here we go.........Again.
  5. Nice Just a couple of questions....it's what i do. 1) In the photos, have you already applied some weathering ? 2) How easy is the finished E11 to work with, i know if i got one i would be working to remove as much of the seam lines as possible.
  6. Here we go, the final push......... Of course now that i have decided to try and finish my armor and after taking my TD apart to rebuild closer to specs, i cannot for the life of me find the references for sizes, spaces and everything else..........typical. Help.
  7. Looking Good, I really need to get around to finishing mine.
  8. Great Idea...............when i eventually get to this point......at some point......honest
  9. So, I went to see the new Star Wars movie last night And now of course I want to finish my TK (hopefully before another Star Wars film comes out), however after looking at all the bits and pieces, I want to swap out the canvas belt I have, mine is more cream than white and I think more suited to a sandy. So, any recommendations for a new white belt, looking for uk mainly as I am hoping to finish my build over the Christmas break.......hopefully Cheers Art
  10. I think I know how to get mine to fit better, just need to get inspired to dig in again.....lost my building mojo.
  11. I promise i am going to get back to this.......honest
  12. I had a lot of problems with my backplate and getting it to lie flatter on my back, it looks like you have the same problem of the upper backplate curve actually pushing the armor away from you. Whilst mine is an AM2 set, the principal will be the same, i would trim the returns where the armor starts to curve over a little bit, this will make the curves easier to manipulate after a hot water bath, this should help to bring the armor closer to your body without having to hang the area over your shoulders for fit, which should allow you to hang the chest piece lower. Hope that helps.
  13. Blimey!!, I just realised it's been over a year since I last did any work on my build, granted I hurt my back which made bending a bit difficult, but for the rest of the time, I have no excuse. Anyway.......I'm baaaack Okay, so I am at the stage of doing the internal chest to back strapping, I spent a stupid amount of time on this, measuring and measuring, before putting holes in the elastic strapping, since I figured theses straps would need to survive more load than usual, I doubled up on the snaps, I ended up with 6cm of elastic between each front to back tab (not cut the excess off yet). Internal Left. Internal Right. When I attached the front of the shoulder bridges to the chest piece, I tried to centre them in the chest tabs and then tried to get the elastic to follow there line, which was trickier than I thought. I have however noticed that the shoulder bridges drift a bit towards the centre of my shoulders and do not run in the centre of the rear tabs, I know it's not much, but it bugs me. Outer Left. Outer Right. I think if I could just apply a little heat to the chest and "splay" the chest a little wider, then I could get the rear of the shoulder bridges to line up in the rear better, but the piece is now too large to do the boiling water trick.......wonder if boiling a small hand towel, then dropping it onto the armor would do the same thing ? So, after all of that, I tried a fit (nearly slicing my ear). I'm mostly happy with how the back fits, the back piece fits nicely against the kidney piece (although I might add some Velcro strapping), I might also give the lower corners a boil to curve them a bit better as I think they stick out. The butt might also receive some extra Velcro strapping as it keeps springing loose and that's without the connecting strap underneath. The chest rides a bit high for my liking, but with a body like mine, its the best I can do to get it to fit, if I pull the lower armor up any higher I will do myself a mischief (might look into trimming the return a little though). I also need to look at the points on the chest and back tabs that go against the body, even after about 20 minutes of playing with the fit, I could tell where there going to dig in and cause future problems. Hopefully all of that makes sense and more importantly I got Imgur sorted out. Enjoy.
  14. Just been catching up on this thread, your skills are astounding
  15. Not sure what it is, but I don't like the look of it as the sleek lines and weapons I normally associate with a stormtrooper are lost with what looks like a brutal weapon designed to rip and crush. Guess we need to see it in action.
  16. Much thanks for the help in making my signature less of a novel and more like what I intended.
  17. I went in and took out a lot of double spaces that had popped up, I have seen peoples signature where only the title is visible (and clickable), mine has all the http nonsense tagged on, which looks bad and takes up distracting space. Other than that, I quite like the new format.
  18. I currently have 4 links in my signature to all the bits and pieces I am up to, however I think it looks too big and takes up lots of space......sometimes more than I post in a message. Could somebody show me or tell me how to reduce it to just a clickable name, rather than the long ramble it currently is :). Thanks Art
  19. You can never have enough clamps......or magnets
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