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  1. Last week is great! I’d be interested in a set of these greeblies as well!
  2. Do you offer the greebies for sale?
  3. Its insane hot hot this is. I haven't done a con yet that's in 3 weeks so I;ll report back then. Its skin tight so its a little claustrophobic being in it.Your whole body is encased and once the head goes on you immediately feel the heat rise and the whole head is fitted tight to your head. I have to take deep breaths and focus on calming myself to get into it.
  4. I'm in Animation, while I mocked up the colour scheme in Photoshop of how to paint it, it was two guys that I hired to cast the suit and paint it based off my art.
  5. The head is quite heavy, the weight of the dreads on the back on the head is very noticeable. Plus the head is basically skin tight to you head. So no fans the only air you get is from the eye holes and 2 little holes inside the mouth. Compared to the TK, I think the TK is more comfortable. This is HOT! beyond anything you can imagine you're encased in latex head to toe which is tight and restricts movement. I can't sit nor can I get me arms above my shoulders. I can't dress in this by myself I need to people to assist. Once the torso goes on which is tight squeeze I'm useless handlers have to dress the rest of me.
  6. Here is some of the build photos... Getting ready for the head. Getting ready requires help, I need 2 people to dress me. I'm also 6'9" with the head on, I'm normally 6'2". First test fitting of the latex body suit. Painting begins... I have a very wide upper back and shoulders and the body suit had to be modified and expanded to fit. In all her glory...
  7. In addition to my Hero Stormtrooper, Sandtrooper, Snowtrooper and Tusken Raider I have a Planet of the Apes Gorilla Solider and now I'm proud to share my Veteran Huntress Predator costume to add to the mix. This was a commission build from a company called Wreav, they are a team of 3 individuals that collaborate to create beautiful costumes. I came up with a concept for how she should be painted and here she is:
  8. I never seem to get to wear my Hero TK as often as I'd like as having multiple costumes makes that challenging. But here it is at Toronto Comic Con. I also had a chance to wear my new non-Star Wars costume, a Planet of the Apes Gorilla Solider. I had to mash up my Gorilla with my TK...
  9. Besides Star Wars I'm a fan of other sci-fi genres. Before Star Wars was Planet of the Apes and I was enthralled as a child with the apes. I'm so very happy to have fulfilled my childhood dream with my very own Gorilla Solider costume. This costume was a commission from a company called Apemania I'll let the photos speak for themselves. Go Ape! Finally had to mashup my TK and GS...
  10. Well congratulations girl! Its been a long battle for sure! From maker issues to errors trying to fit this to you. But its all done now and you can get out and enjoy it finally! The big question is what are you building next? Christina
  11. So glad you replaced the thighs this looks WAY better now. In the end I know you are happier with them now!
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