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  1. Sorry guys I'm rarely over on this side of the plastic colour spectrum. Thanks to everyone poking in and helping out on the questions. My personal preference is for the Black AM kit ... But as RT is a Canadian Made kit - If I were to go for a TK that would be my choice. Just my opinion ... Jim to answer your question I'd think both kits would work for you, but please have a read through a few of the build threads here on the FISD, and ask a few troopers that are close to your size what kits they have and how they fit. Thanks again for looking after this orphaned post guys!
  2. Hi All - Thanks for the posts. Sorry I lost all my "thread post notifications" when the new look happened (nice by the way). Thanks for making the size chart Eric - That's Fantastic! And Dave if you're looking to go Sandy Grab the AM in white - comes with the handplates, proper ab plate and proper knee plate for both the TK and TD. And head over to Alpine as well - Great bunch of folks! And if you see Izzi (the XO) tell him to mail me my glassware (just kidding he's my DL over at Spec. Ops - and a great guy!)
  3. Ernesto - A trooper posted in your post on Special Ops - he's 6'4" and 275 in AM ... so I'd say that'd be your best bet (if you're going black).
  4. Terry let me know when that goes down as there is not a lot of good Asian food / delicacies out here in the Okanagan and some good bubble tea and steam buns would be amazing! And Welcome JKChen - Hope to see you around the Badlands boards!
  5. You can also head over to the Spec. Ops board and have a look around - There are a few kits for sale, and posts from the makers as well. http://forum.501stspecopsdet.net/ Sign up and say 'hi' we're a helpful bunch.
  6. Looks Great Terry - Thanks for sharing!
  7. Will - Have a read in this forum as there is a tonne of information and it'll help answer your question. This might be a good place to start as it's right on target with what you're asking: http://forum.whitearmor.net/index.php?showtopic=12693 Examples of taller / bigger troopers in two suits. And, as you'll read, I'm 6'1" so you're not much taller then I am and my suit fits me perfectly - maybe even a bit too long in the thighs.
  8. Dan - I'd say so far so good. And as great a site for information and feed back as this (or any internet sight for that matter) may be I'd say see if you can post pictures on your home garrison site and ask for feed back and/or some hands on guidance. Chances are there will be a bunch of people more than happy to lend a hand. Canadian garrison Contacts: http://www.501st.ca/contact.html Seems like the forums are closed to non-501 members but an e-mail to the GML might help, or wait for one of the Garrison Members sees this post and hopefully the wheels will be in motion. I learned from first hand experiance that your first kit can be tough to put together if all you have is a mirror and the internet for feed back. Don't get discouraged - it takes a lot of work and frankly a lot of tweaking to get everything just right ... I'm still not there. Hope that helps!
  9. Yves - Welcome in, and great to have more Badlanders! It was great meeting you at Vcon. Make sure you get on the Badlands forum and get access into the inner-sanctum - More Troopers in Vancouver! Good To See!!!
  10. As Panda said this isn't Wal-Mart or the TK version of the auto-trader and prices change all the time. After doing a tonne of reading (before there was an armour makers post) I contacted the people I was interested in, got prices and went from there. Some suits are avalible with different options. These options include strapping v. no strapping, Velcro or no Velcro, assembled or kit helmet, trimmed or un-trimmed, etc. and will affect the price. Also if this price list list goes 6 months (or longer depending on the length of time between runs for some suits) out of date chances are the info isn't worth anything anyway. And who updates it? The makers themselves? If so that brings me to my biggest concern about a price list: Posting an Armour price list may be seen as crossing the line from fans making stuff for fans in their spare time to actively promoting and selling armour as a business ... and that is a line that, once crossed, can get people a letter from LFL's legal reps. So yes while a price list may be a great source of info it's always better to get the most current and best information right from the makers themselves. And as an aside - Panda good to see you're up and around. Hope you're feeling better!
  11. ELP

    femtrooper armor

    but let's also look at your first post ... I'm not trying to bait anyone just want to point out that your initial post, had it been e-mailed to Julie, could have been taken poorly. I applaud you for changing your tune. One of the main reasons I got into this hobby is that not only is it a tonne of fun and I, my son and my wife love it but we do a lot of good for local and international charities. And having read a few of Julie's posts, seen her event pics and heard what she does for a living - She embodies this concept: "Have fun while helping others". I get the feeling that Julie, as a great villain once said, is "not into costplay [she] is into Costume Business". She's out there and while having fun is really doing a lot of good. Much like the rest of us there are times, I'm sure, when she straps on the suit just to have fun and she, like the rest of us, enjoys the attention, because let's face it - If you don't like the attention, crowds, or pictures this is not the hobby for you. Nice Kit Julie! If you're ever at an event in BC drop me a line and we'll troop beside ya! And as an aside my wife want to do a fem trooper as well (TK-6646) and I fully support the idea - Thanks for the link to Richie's!
  12. Congrats Lori-ann! More Troopers in the Badlands - Always good to see!
  13. First I'm pretty sure RT is on Vacation. He also works a TONNE so give him time to get back to you. He's a great guy to deal with. Second don't go for a cheap eBay kit ... You'll end up paying more in the end. Have a read through the Armour makers post in the "Read Here First" area and talk to those guys. If you can't afford the prices these guys are asking ... Then Save Up! It may take a while longer for you to get the kit but in the end you'll be happy you waitied. Plus the customer service you get from these guys will be, with out exageration, one million times better then an eBay vendor. Plus you've got all the build threads on this forum for all the common suits - a HUGE resource you will miss out on if you go the eBay route. Just my 2 cents.
  14. TX-5575 requesting access. Thanks. http://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=11952
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