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  1. Grihm

    Greetings from the frozen North...

    Välkommen - Welcome. Another Northerner ^^ I´m new here as well and these people are just a big hug of friendliness and knowledge. I´m sure you will feel right at home.
  2. Grihm

    Adianu's WTF shorty build

    Why thank you TheLorelei ^^ As for the tools getting bent, indeed this can come from a number of reasons. 1: Hammering to hard on a hard surface. I would recommend having a cutting mat on a table you are not afraid of scratching. Also, see to it that it´s sturdy. Now.. with sturdy, i am not meaning something " good enough " I am talking " you cannot move the table but by force " sturdy. Any and all vibrations while hammering will affect the quality of the holes or how straight it is. 2: Using the correct tool and size. Make sure you have the correct tool. In short, there are Pricking irons and there are Stitching Chisels. If you are trying to punch all the way through with a Pricking iron, you set yourself up for more work. 3: Quality VS Quantity. Quality cost, as with anything, but Tandy sells quite good items, so i am not concerned that you are ending up with an Asian replica that bends after three slams. However, make sure you keep the tool sharp, oiled and clean and never use it in an angle ( aka hammer it from the top, not an angle. If i can help in any leather related questions, anyone feel free to ask away =)
  3. Brings a smile to an old leathercrafter to see others work in this magnificent material ^^ And as said, very good job on the stitching and the snap placement.
  4. Grihm

    Armor modding

    Thank you kindly ^^
  5. Grihm

    Armor modding

    Thank you for the answers. As said, it´s a lot to take in at the start and a lot of acronyms i think the word is, so thankful for all the useful help =)
  6. In case anyone hear anything about this, any information would be beneficial. To translate to the none Swedish speaking members here, 5 years old Emma in Sweden is suffering from cancer and accordingly to her dad, she does not have long left. Her favorit robot is an R2D2 her dad made her, with around 2000 hours of work put into it, and just before Christmas, someone broke into the building it was housed in and stole it. It was also mentioned that the robot is without it´s controller, so apparently it cannot be used in it´s current state. This 50 kg ( 110 pounds ) R2D2 has been featured on several events and multiple children's hospitals around Sweden and being the joy especially for Emma, but also for a lot of other children around the country. If you hear anything, Micke, Emmas father´s email and phone number is micke@askernas.com 0767-608360 Here is a link to the FB page of the droid. https://www.facebook.com/MickesR2D2/?__tn__=%2CdKH-R-R&eid=ARCWLkW8-reyvZppen9cpO1t0ew3NB3sKZVVqIV7Lg_jPcoILyrwK9eCAwr8-wjHxDQSt6X7PMs4awzA&fref=mentions&hc_location=group A link to the original post If you guys hear anything at all, please post it or send it to Micke.
  7. So this will be a two part question about modding an armor. 1: The Armor color and shine. If we take the First order troopers here, the quality and " freshness " of their armor is as far as i can tell the majority of the option cosplayers go for. However, looking at these troopers, they are quite opposite of that and more or less seems like they have been in the field for quite some time.. Question here is, is it just a fluke that you don´t see too many armors with a heavy patina, or is it just that members opt for the cleaner look, or is it just allowed for certain costumes? Of course..when looking at pictures online, you do see the patina version now and then too, but it´s hard to know what is and is not 501 approved so to say as a new member. 2: The inside of the armor pieces. When i see pictures of armors, especially the inside, they are so far as i have seen them all in only one material, as seen here. When making leather armors, you do occasionally add a sort of lining layer for certain parts to achieve stiffness or a firmer form of the outer layer, this especially if the leather is too thin in itself to stay in the desired pose or form. Is it an option or even approved to line your armor to make it more " hardened " if one would like to? #stilllearning
  8. Grihm

    What to do?

    Have had people rip designs and material seller info from my shop before so i can relate :/ You should have some form of protection if possible, like a patent etc. Probably hard to do but one can speculate at least.
  9. Grihm

    New member from Sweden

    I´l be sure to bring leather and my engraving tools my next trip to my buds workshop and see what can be done =) Some items you don´t really want to waste leather on, but this would be anything but wasteful. Ok now my nights sleep will be disturbed with tons of concepts plannings haha. Better get to it. Gym in the morning, then a weekend of research.
  10. Really like the armor. Great job and looks sweet. Almost feels like one actually might succeed doing it oneself ^^
  11. Grihm

    New member from Sweden

    Weeeell... i might do a helmet in leather...just because ^^ Indeed fun claims a high prio on the list
  12. Grihm

    New member from Sweden

    Yeah it´s a bit new territory for me. Never done any hard molding-thingies before and i don´t think a Death Trooper in full Leather armor would be very canon or acceptable Good that i´m older and wiser nowadays so the research will be done properly for the best outcome
  13. Grihm

    What to do?

    Just the fact that you guys speak openly about this is a huge relief and sends a very high sense of respect to, well anyone working towards becoming a member. As a leathercrafter myself, i have seen first handed how a swamped market punishes other crafters with price wars and in the end, a less than ideal quality. My hat´s off to you all for sharing this in a highly professional manner.
  14. * Imagines my future Death Trooper talking *
  15. Grihm

    Tom's first storm

    Thank you thank you =)