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  1. That makes sense. I want to use the same PVC because it has padding on the inside to make it fit snug over the support rod. But, the more I look at the whole thing, I could use duct tape just on the parts that you can't see through the barrel holes. I was worried it would look bad, but there are sections where there are no holes to see through the barrel where I can put the tape without it showing. Thanks!
  2. Howdy. I purchased a 3D printed kit for a DLT-19. The wooden rod, which I am replacing with almuminum tubing, has a PVC tube that supposedly is to help support the barrel from the inside. However, the diameter of this tube is quite smaller than the diameter of the inside of the barrel, and it seems it will be useless as support from inside the barrel. Should I use some kind of other material to wrap around the PVC tube that will help it to support the barrel? I'm a novice builder, so any help is appreciated. Thanks!
  3. POST 74 First photo (high five with litle girl) in Plymouth, Michigan (Great Lakes Garrison) in January, 2019. Second photo (balancing on one foot) in Farmington, Michigan (Great Lakes Garrison) - October 2019 - photographer Rachael Rose Third photo (three troopers) in Detroit, Michigan (Great Lakes Garrison) - May 2019 From Ron Zill, TK-82611 - photos when I was in Great Lakes Garrison, but now in Tennessee in MidSouth Garrison 1. 2. 3.
  4. Awesome, Joseph, thanks! So, just the stock is brown? Do you remember exactly what type of paint and color (is it just plain brown, or walnut, something like that)? And same with the rest of the rifle - what type of paint, and is it just black with some weathering? By type of paint, I mean is it semi-gloss, metallic, etc? I do want it to be accuate. I mean, I already get the "too short for a Stormtrooper" jokes, even though I am 6'1", not to mention the "bad aim" jokes, even though I try to explain that out orders were to let the Rebels escape the Death Star so that we could track them to Yavin. I blame the Tie Pilots for not shooting down Luke in that battle! Then maybe my friends would not have been murdered on that Death Star.
  5. Oh, our Garrison won't care. I want the butt end to look more accurate, but as for the rest of it, I think it's good based on the opinions shared here. Of course, there will always be the one trooper who is totally anal and will nit pick it, but I generally ignore them... one advantage of wearing the bucket is how it hides excessive eye rolling. Thanks for the input!
  6. Yeah, that's the part I was concerned with - the base looks a little off. But, it might be something I can modify, since it still needs sanding and paint, anyway. Thanks!
  7. A friend of a friend has this 3D printed DLT-19 for sale. I would like some troopers with more critical eyes to let me know how acceptable this would be for the ANH Stunt - after sanding and painting, of course. Thanks in advance!
  8. I am looking to purchase a DLT-19 for my TK. I've seen threads that mention Diamond State Props. Also, does anyone know if Praetorian Blasters is back in business? I read that the hurrican season seriously hurt them a couple years ago. Thanks, in advance.
  9. I thought I had access, but apparently not. Requesting access to the Merchandise section, as it keeps telling me I must be an approved member. My link: https://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=29470
  10. I bought the VoiceBooster model 1505 from TK Systems on Amazon. It does have some feedback issues, but if I keep it at about a 4 out of 10 on the volume level, it's fine. Projects my voice pretty well, but it's a bit bulky since I made my armor pretty tight fitting. Otherwise, so far, so good with it.
  11. I think I am on the one you are referring to, yes. I've not been as active lately, since it's been very busy at school, and my activity has been designated to my local garrison since I'm involved in trooping almost every week through February - including EC-ing a hospital visit. Thanks for your concern!
  12. Hello fellow Imperials! I'm a relatively newly approved member, and with December being a quiet month, I was finally able to do two troops this month. Last weekend was my first major group troop at USA Hockey Night in Plymouth, MI. Here is what made my night so special!! This is from their Facebook page...
  13. Thanks, fellas! Actually, on my first couple troops here in Michigan winter, I've needed no fans - even indoors. It's going to be a high temperature of 1 degree Fahrenheit tomorrow.... one.... single... stinking... degree... air temperature, not even including wind chill. I used RainX anti-fog wipes, and absolutely no issues yet. I did get fans for when it gets warm here in about 18 months, but no issues yet.
  14. I do not get those options when I click on my imgur photos. I'll probably not be posting many more photos, anyway. Not a fan of the photo options on this site without using the app. Thanks, though.
  15. Oh, ok - I got it. I have to go to the "images" link first, not just my direct posts. Weird. I think I have it now:
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