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  1. How much of the return on the hand guards should come off, if any. Thanks in advance --Keith
  2. How much edge should be left on the hand guards? What is the best way to remove this edge.
  3. Forearms question. When suiting up are your gloves and hand guards on before your forearms? Do I need to make sure the gloves and hand guards will pass through the forearms when sizing them?
  4. I;m currently building my ANH TK Hero. My son is wanting to get into thins as well. He is interested in a Tie Pilot. I have only researched my TK. He is wondering how mush the Tie Pilot would be all in. Armor, Softgood, Boots, Blaster. I didn't know if it was comparable to my TK or not. Any help would be great. Thanks -Keith
  5. I didn't really try bending much. I'll check on that. Thanks!!!!!
  6. Star Wars was on TV today and I took that as a sign that it was time to make my first cut. Started with the biceps. How do they look? I had to make 3 cuts before I got the fit I wanted. I am so glad I'm finally on my way.
  7. Thanks for the quick response. Yes I have my boots. The only things I have left to get are my belt, neck seal and gloves. Besides the fact that none of my armor is done.
  8. Is there a good thread to explain how to start fitting the armor to start your first cuts. I was thinking on starting with the forearms but can't seem to figure out were to start. I'm assuming you should cut off equally off each side of each piece. Is there a rule of thumb on what to line up for your first cut?
  9. Very true, my resolution is defiantly to muster enough courage to actually start this thing instead of just looking at it.
  10. Well my BBB is now set out on the table ready to start. My Helmet and E-11 are finished. Hopefully I can get some progress on this to post for review. I have stared at it for a week too chicken to start anything.
  11. I found this kit on EBAY. It says it meets all FISD requirements for Centurion approval. What are your thoughts. It also has a sound and light kit. E-11 Blaster Kit https://www.ebay.com/itm/Storm-Trooper-Uber-E-11-Blaster-Rifle-Model-Hero-Kit-ANH-Screen-Accurate-Replica-/231925095346 Sound Addon Kit https://www.ebay.com/itm/LIGHTS-SOUND-DIY-KIT-for-Blaster-Master-Uber-E-11-Blaster-Rifle-Model-/232102221992?_trksid=p5731.m3795 I was thinking of getting the kit with the light and sound addon but wanted to get opinion first.
  12. My Name is Keith Henkel and after considering the build of a kit for awhile now I think I'm finally on board. I have contacted the Central Garrison and registered on their form as well as here. I am thinking I would like to do ANH trooper. After reading thru the forum for a couple of hours I thoroughly confused on what type of armor would be a good fit for me. I'm 6'tall and weight 240 pounds. What manufacturer should I be looking at. And does it matter if its in the states or do people order over seas as well. Thanks for the help.
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