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  1. Congratulations Andy. Keep up the good work. Pipertrooper TK-27056
  2. Impressive and scary. I am betting you are going to have a lot of fun trooping with this one I just love it. Pipertrooper TK-27056
  3. Nice work trooper. Good luck with your application Pipertrooper TK-27056
  4. Hi trooper Try using an online uploading using imgur. You have to create a free account www.imgur.com Pipertrooper TK-27056
  5. Yep that is right my armor needs a bit of TLC .So now that I will have my Jawa ready for trooping ( sending my pics to the gml tonight) I will concentrate on my ANH armor and give her the attention she needs. First of all I would like to refurbish the helmet insides. (padding,microphone,eye lenss and a lick of black paint. I am considering adding some items to make the helmet more electronic feel...Artneo supplies a kit for this. It is not functional one but gives a sensation of a real trooper helmet. I get some pics once i have them Then back to the painting of the blue tube stripes and helmet areas as I do not like how i have them now. After that all my armor need cutting and smothing rough areas to make it more comfortable. I have lost some weight so i need to adapt the changes...
  6. Oh dear Joseph I hope all dust settles down and you can put all your pieces back together. Although I do not know you personally you granted me my Centurion rank with lovely suggestions and comments and for that I am grateful. I am glad that you still amongst us under another task. All the best my friend
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