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  1. Moving triggers without clicks or earth shattering kabooms ...irk me.
  2. First things that need to be fitted are cod, butt, kidney, ab. Then shins, forearms. Everything else becomes relational to the core and extremities. Dont shorten anything until you can wear the mid section, and it needs to be tight. Then figure out thigh placement. And get the legs done. Chest and back should just sit there, easy, and shoulders just hang on, biceps then gets adjusted so you can bend your elbow and fixed in place. Then forearms in place again so you can bend arms and presto. Stormtrooper.
  3. Ooooh right. Well, now they'll think your phasma :-) But ya I want to see silver and blue lights...that's going to be hard on the eyeballs though...
  4. I hope that every gml opens the crl for every costume regardless of familiarity.
  5. Personally I want to see the well safetied and scripted video from the range... Cue little kid: (in snarky voice) "is that gun REAL?" Cue tk: "Yes!" Tk cocks lever and sprays all around a rebel target, or ewok. Tk: "real doesn't help, kid!" Pan to kids open mouthed stare, fade to black. But I'm just going to keep trooping my plastic spaceman and painted fake with a Painted plastic book binding spring, and make kids smile, scream, or run to mommy.
  6. If you leave it black, paint the helm, and add the red chest bits he could be an elite. And make sure he joins the galactic academy as well.
  7. Go back.and read what autocorrect did to you...kids not kit. He was making a funny. Selling kids is definitely against 501st rules...well not actually forbidden in the charter :-)
  8. If they appear like that with ears attached, yes. You could heat them up with a narrow heat gun or iron and press them into the ...indent.
  9. I'm confused by the aligned drop box. The box should line up with the edge of the plastic part of the belt , not the cover strip in the thigh...unless thigh is that wide. Yours seems to be outside the belt edge.
  10. So...are you a normal sized person? If so, save for anovos. If not, you need to read the getting started thread for kits better suited to various body types.
  11. Like any pressure tube if you roll up from the bottom then unroll and squeeze the side it makes an air space to let you cap it. E6000 works best when you squeeze slowly.
  12. Air is delivered under pressure by mouth in scuba. Nose is not used even in a full face mask. Your nose is an inch long. All the co2 in it is expelled at speed and volume when you exhale normally. You also don't have a restriction like a tube condensing the gasses. Co2 is heavier than 02. It won't travel as far in a tube, a moist tube reducing the inner diameter even more from breath, and will be rebreathed. People over breathe snorkels all the time on the surface. People over breath regulators under water as well. I've done it. I've rescued people who've done it. If he uses a really short tube down and out the neck just to inhale and then breathes out his nose, should be fine except vapour build up. Wearing restrictive armour, in a hot day, will add to the work of breathing. Air in a tube has dead space to overcome ...basically air that doesn't contribute to gas exchange. People have tried to use really long snorkels...and passed out. Any more than about half a meter and it is really hard to suck good air down and you end up exhaling like mad to clear all that crappy air. Scuba delivers gas at ambient pressure so there is no gradient to overcome. Re breathers recycle the gas with less than 21% oxygen on the surface and add o2 to bring it back up to safe breathing. But, he's above water, and his tube will be a foot long hopefully not bend around any corners. A larger tube will work better than a narrow tube. But no better than a fan.
  13. Get a handful of McDonald's straws and tape them together in a half inch bundle. Breathe through for dive minutes. A better idea would be a intake fan with a hose run down the chest armour and poking out the bottom of the side under the belt. Let it suck fresh air in that way maybe. Our royal guards wear fans on their legs that blow up into torso and helm. Same idea.
  14. Also.. One fan? Ones never enough unless it's a tusken.
  15. He'd want a rebreather. He'd still be breathing out warm moist air.
  16. Keep in mind that a snorkel is an inch in id. And if you breath in and out you are getting less oxygen unless you breath slow and exhale lots. Pro athletes train on bikes and treadmills so their bodies get used to reduced o2. The last thing you want while wearing armour is a CO2 hit and pass out. If you're just going to breath in the tube and out your nose...just do that without the snorkel. Stick some towel material in where your breath hits and it well soak up some moisture. Use one fan owing up and one blowing down...well two up on eyes and one or two blowing down. This will circulate the air. The bottom of your helmet shouldn't make a seal with your neck seal and shoulders.
  17. Or just take the helmet into a Paint store and tell them you need a paint match. Won't be spray at that point. Or have a paint shop match and paint for you. Depends on your budget.
  18. Rustoleum 2x gloss white over the 2x white primer. Matches the fiberglass helm. It may be easier just to paint the helm and armour and make it all the same.
  19. 1. Not usually. Only if you want it more white or to match a different armour. 2. Dunno. People are busy. Armour is armour most of the stuff online will cover whatever you want help with. 3. Always trim smooth. Nobody wants sharp stuff next to skin. 4. Shrug. Mines white. Others are black.
  20. I hope it's am or rt mod. And then where is the bulk...budda bellies need shimming and upper needs bulking up to look right.
  21. Olive is less green then drab grey green mustard. Putrescence makes things green. Gangrene is brown and black. Otherwise nice job. White rivets then weather. :-)
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