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  1. Attache Jaltrooper is on duty!!! We'll have this guy Centurion before you can say "May the 4th be with you!!" Hahaha! For the record...Bradley is a GREAT addition to the Legion and our Garrison! The guy can out troop most of our veterans! Jon
  2. Oh, my...Gosh! Has it been this long? I wanted to drop in and bump my thread back up...and apologize for having been "sidetracked". The good news is...it was due to trooping, Garrison work, Saber Building and representing the FISD locally...and building my Vader! Either way...time for me to learn to be a "multi tasker" and get back in the forums to offer any assistance I can! I know my thread has probably become obsolete with some of the new things I have seen...but why not...enjoy!
  3. Welcome Steve! Nice start!!! WE are all here to help you where needed on your journey to EIB or Centurion! Good luck! Jon
  4. Hi Chad! Welcome to the FISD!!! Great to have a fellow "Southerner" join the ranks! You will find an awesome build thread here: Tony is by far one of our best and brightest in the Detachment, and his thread has a lot of helpful info! Be sure to get a WIP (work in progess) build thread started so folks can help you through your build as well. As I am sure you have already seen...research and patience are two of the best things you can do to help you towards a great EIB or Centurion-level build (also great to look at the applications for these two high level build awards to get some great insight!). There is nothing like walking into a troop with a highly-accurate TK or TD and watching the kids get really excited! Anyway...please feel free to check in if you have any questions! I am also always in Knoxville 1-2x per Month on business, and spend most nights just sitting in a hotel room...if you ever need any eyes-on help...I am always happy to pop in and help if you need it! Not just offering! I mean it. Happy to help a fellow TK! Enjoy your build! Will be watching your build! Jon
  5. Welcome Susan! Glad to have you in the FISD! Everyone here is always glad to help and answer anything you may need. You are off to a great start! If you ever need anything...always happy to help! Jon
  6. Welcome Mason! Glad to have you!
  7. Hi James! I assure you...it'll be the best investment you can make. I was trooping last weekend...and had several kids come up and hug my TK...to me, that makes every cent worth while, to promote the movies we all love and enjoy, and make kids happy / joyful when they see us in costume! Looking forward to watching your build. Feel free to let us know if you ever have any questions or need help with anything. As stated above, there are several great threads to help you along the journey...be sure to do your research and things will begin to come easy for you. Check out the Advanced tactics sections...and you will see some of the awesome EIB & Centurion builds from the guys and gals. Always neat to see everyone's builds! Enjoy and welcome to the gang! Jon
  8. Welcome Gary! Glad to have you aboard! Happy to help if you ever need anything. As you can see, everyone is very helpful and friendly here, great place to shoot for a screen accurate (check out the EIB and Centurion "Advanced Armor" sections) Trooper. Always here if you need anything! Jon
  9. Welcome Steven! Great to see a young builder getting started on your journey to a screen accurate Trooper! Everyone here is awesome and willing to help...feel free to ask away if you need anything! Good luck and enjoy! Jon
  10. Welcome William! We are all here to help you on your journey! Check out the advanced builds sections and let us all know if you need anything! Glad to have you! Jon
  11. Welcome Crystal (and Vader)! Looks like you will be doing a very detailed and fun build! We are all here to help wherever we can! Good Luck!
  12. Hi Tori! You happen to be in luck! Here is the build thread of one of the better builds I have seen! Cricket is amazing at what she does...and if you notice (see the title) she built her armor around being "vertically challenged". The bonus? she is actually a member of the Georgia Garrison...so great news there. She is also a friend, and is a wonderful person all-around to boot! Here's her thread...check out the many things she did to realy put together a well-constructed, hi approved (EIB and Centurion) suit of armor! http://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/38416-crickets-rs-stunt-build-for-the-vertically-challenged/ Good luck on your build! I'll look in and check on it! Jon
  13. Welcome Derek! We are all here to help you on your journey! Sometimes, getting a box with a lot of pieces in it can be daunting. The best thing to do is to grab one item (shin, forearm, etc...) and just decide to get it done. Once you do that, the rest starts to fall into place. If you have any questions, feel free to PM me, or any of us, and we'll help you through the fun parts! Also, look at Tony's build thread on the Anovos, here: http://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/35086-ukswraths-anovos-tk-build/ Tony has attention to detail and mad building skills! You also have some very good builders in your local Garrison! So be sure to check in there and get active locally, that always helps too! Have fun! And let us know if you need anything! Jon
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