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  1. lol Welcome aboard Doug, it looks like you're already in the thick of the cosplay spirit! Glad to have you!
  2. Welcome Aboard Pat! your armour is from one of the best, however that helmet will undoubtedly cause you an issue later as some have said. Where are you from? We could help you source another 501st 2-3 level bucket.
  3. Love the Soviet outfit Kirill! I've got a bunch of CCCP militaria too, that's my second hobby lol. You're in the right place for help, and that's a great attitude to have, Welcome aboard Tovarish!
  4. Welcome aboard brother, love the enthusiasm. You're going to be a great trooper
  5. Oooh Rah my dude! very well done. I only expect excellence from my boy Pyrates
  6. 1. Dave 2. Polewski 3. TK 22788 4. Letter (landscape) 5. Andrew Franke Centurion 327 Cheers! Good on ya'! http://www.whitearmor.net/eib/certificates/22788-centurion.png
  7. Good Luck Raul! I also got through the ESB build If you need anything just reach out.
  8. I can fit my glasses in there with my AP kit. I put extra padding in the front of the helmet interior on the forehead, and less in the back to allow a bit of room. It's a squeeze but I can fit big framed glasses in without much issue.
  9. Hey Kevin! Seeing as you've already got your feet wet with the art that is droid building, you should have a smooth time with your kit! Nevertheless pleasure to have you aboard and if you ever need pointers we're here for you every step of the way! Cheers Brother!
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