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  1. This time around they stated that I need to have 8 teeth not 6 and that my shins are not correct in the back as they overlap in the same direction. Unfortunantly I cannot add pictures as the files are to big.
  2. It seems that every time I submit pictures they say this or that needs to be changed then previously. <br><br> They stated I need 8 teeth not 6 or 7, and my shins over lapped incorrectly in the rear.
  3. So I have on four different occasions submitted pictures and have attempted to join the 501st German Garrison. However as I have been told many within and outside of the garrison said I should have been approved based on the photos for basic entry. <br><br> I am contemplating joining a unit back when I return to the states and or sell my HWT pack (made by crookknight) and use my Tk for display and Halloween.
  4. Sorry I have not posted any updates as of late! A Co worker and I started reshimming my thigh pieces and should have them done by the end of the week. After that I can submit for a third and hopefully final time and get approved. Then waiting on the remaining parts for my next project to arrive
  5. Joseph,<br><br> I appreciate it! Shawn has been a big imput in regards to helping me whenever a question came up. But if something doestrogen come up and either of us don't know...I'll be more then happy to ask.
  6. I just want to thank everyone thus far who has helped me along the way in building my HWT. In the process of building the CRL changed so I am waiting on another ammo pouch and my orange pauldron to come in before I resubmit everything again for approval.
  7. Also I've watched a few videos and looked over a few forums and after watching I feel like I have the skills to build a doopydoo resin kit. <br><br> However I've read that some kits are sturdy while others are like a Chinese Tea cup very fragile. Is that a batch thing or is there away to make it sturdy to were it came handle being dropped?
  8. <a data-ipb='nomediaparse' href='http://www.bavariannews.com/what-you-cant-send-through-an-apo-in-germany-and-why'>http://www.bavariannews.com/what-you-cant-send-through-an-apo-in-germany-and-why</a>
  9. Sorry for the delay in responding back. One of two things I will state. I have a close relationship with those from customs as our jobs are very similiar, spoke with them over the phone yesterday and they said no I cannot have it sent here. <br><br> I also came across this recent article as well in regards to shipping to an APO.<br><br> <a data-ipb='nomediaparse' href='http://www.bavariannews.com/what-you-cant-send-through-an-apo-in-germany-and-why/'>http://www.bavariannews.com/what-you-cant-send-through-an-apo-in-germany-and-why/</a>
  10. Mark & Joseph thank you for the info. I will look at both options and see what which is the better of the two (quality, cost, buildIngo, etc). Thanks again for the information!
  11. Title says it all, I'm stationed in Germany, and am afraid if I Buy an E11 from within the States, Customs will snatch it up and I'll be out of money.<br><br> Does anyone know where I can get ANH E11 for a decent price. Not trying to break the wallet here.
  12. Love it. Glad I get off work at noon tomorrow. Should leave me with plenty of time to start on mine
  13. Shawn,<br><br> Okay I'll be looking forward to the email. Also washable paint, thats new to me. Could you send thst as well?<br><br> Joseph,I was going to use dark grey and black. Give it that urban combat feelwithout over doing it.
  14. Tony, Can I find those applications here on the forum, if so where exactly at? Also I should have the Thermal Detonator clips by Friday thanks again! Shawn, I will be needing to buy one, limited on what i have here in Germany to do the build, so I will be looking to purchase a complete pack. I did come across one that sells for $300 plus shipping, which is a bit over my budget, do you know or recommend someone who sells quality item with out breaking the bank or having to sell an organ. Many thanks!
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