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  1. In short: Bought AP armor, painstakingly collected *everything* needed for a Centurion ANH stunt build (still missing the brackets for film accurate strapping system, will get those next week), boxed it, got real busy for a few years. Recently unboxed. I still have all my old notes, and so far have just done the trimming. Here's all I'm trying to accomplish: 1. Get through the bare minimums to get a passable, if a bit shoddy and uncomfortable, set of armor ready for the costume party on Saturday evening, 2.25 days from now. 2. Not screw up my costume for when I convert it to Centurion (with original straps) by doing so. Mostly, I need a quick and dirty strapping system that won't impede later efforts to do the screen-accurate system. 3. I could really use any advise on what to do first in a rush build. I'm using Centurion-approved stickers for the lid, and I'm putting together the E-11 from resin kit. Still have to glue and paint etc, so I'm guessing I should start with the blaster and the helmet since those are the things that'll need the most time drying. Thank you!
  2. Ha! White dark side. Well, my question has been thoroughly answered (and then some) - thanks so much again. -Nathanael
  3. I think I'm going to have to velcro it, and if it doesn't make CRL, I'll still have a damn good looking suit. Thank you all for the input. Side note, Eric, I feel like I just got a reply from a celebrity. Believe it or not, I followed your RT-MOD build for months. It was a journey. Thanks for the inspiration. -Nathanael
  4. You guys are SO informative and helpful. Thank you. Do we know if velcro on forearms is authorized for centurion or not? If anyone could roger up to this I'd be most appreciative. Thanks very much!
  5. Thank you for the speedy help. How would I get all the excess rubber into the forearm? I look like a musketeer. I could leave the hole wider but seriously it looks bad. Really bad.
  6. I'm building my first TK and would eventually like to get it centurion certified. Go big or go home. Forearms must be glued on both sides, right? No velcro. Also, rubber chemical gloves with latex guards attached must be used. I have slim arms (5'11" 155 lbs) and big hands, and I'm trying to figure out how I would get dressed. If the forearms are glued shut, I can only get my hands through if they're bare. If I put the forearms on first but then try putting on the gloves, it's next to impossible to stuff all the glove excess into the forearm. I could leave the end holes wide so I could squeeze my hands through, but that would look awful. I could use velcro to put gloves on and then forearms over it, clamshell style, but that would violate centurion requirements... right? Any advice on how everybody is doing this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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