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  1. Bulldog44

    Patrick's ANH E11 build thread

    Awesome! Great start to your build Patrick. Work on the mag housing and end cap detail looks great.
  2. Bulldog44

    Hey! from the Carolina Garrison!

    Hi Taylor. Welcome aboard. Great to have you here. The fun never stops with trooper gear. Check out the blaster reference if you want any cool ideas on how to spice up a doopy blaster.
  3. Congrats trooper and welcome aboard!!!
  4. Doopy power cylinders do take a lot of work to get them to look accurate. Those caps are an interesting find for the ends. I found the cylinders to be the most difficult to capture the details but its rewarding when it done and you see how they look compared to the original doopy state.
  5. Bulldog44


    The certificate is on the last page of the PDF download, link in the first post of this topic. You can print a copy from there.
  6. Bulldog44


    Thanks. Yeah I love the display. I might try and get my certificates framed too like this.
  7. Bulldog44

    Greetings from TX :)

    Never too short to be a trooper. Welcome aboard. So many great members here to help you along, get started and ask away when you need assistance. There are ways to get the armor scaled down to get a better fit for shorter troopers. There was an epic armor build on here a few years back that showed a great way to to do it . If I find it again I will post the link. Best of luck!
  8. Bulldog44

    Mr Kevin greenfield

    Welcome. Hope you are gearing up to be a trooper. Join the ranks! Start reading up all that you can.
  9. Bulldog44


    Awesome Freduster! Congrats! Looks great among your other certificates. Thanks Tino as well for the nod! Great to see these released in the wild especially for super blaster builders who use the reference. Well deserved!
  10. Oh yeah, sorry Tino, I should have noticed that too. Your builds are like pages out sacred texts. Never leave home without them!.
  11. Jesse, you nailed the scope paint job. I own a few real ones and must say that your scope paint is spot on. The lighting really shows that subtle sheen. Your hard work and attention to detail continues to pay off. Got popcorn ready for the power cylinders. With Andy's awesome research I am sure your cylinders will be epic.
  12. Nice work on the paint so far. If you are not satisfied with the under layer of brass/gold after you paint the scope black, try looking into brush on metallic paints that you can polish after painting. They look quite impressive when done correctly. For the black coat, as already mentioned, semi-gloss more than flat black.
  13. Bulldog44

    Okinawa Comic Con 2018

    Thanks for sharing this Asa! Have a look a look on the JG forum and see my XO message about FISD badges. Would like to start to get more troopers in the JG showing their achievements by adding their badges in their signatures on the forum. Hope to see you at Tokyo Comic Con this year if you can make it!
  14. Nice! Can’t wait to this all together and painted up. AmZing work hollowing it out and adding the finest touches with the micro screws.
  15. Bulldog44

    Greetings from PA

    Welcome! Listen to all the sage advice above. I would also add, don't start buying things like crazy like I did. You end up with lots you find you don't want or need for your end game. Research a lot and give yourself time to exhaust the possibilities. After you looked at enough and read enough you start to build a better idea of what you will want to shoot for in the end. Best of luck and ask for help along the way. Here to help!