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  1. Darn! Any chance you have a contact email for the person you sold it to? Maybe you can ask for a quick photo of the address? It would be super helpful!
  2. That’s very interesting! No, the Solar brand name was certainly not common knowledge! At least not before I uploaded this to various online forums, but it would seem RS Props definitely got their radio before I found mine and they paid a lot more money for it too. That is news to me, you may be one of the only people that actually noticed the RS Propmasters radio is in fact a Solar brand variant. The logo badge is extremely worn and Rob himself admitted he couldn’t actually read the label in his YouTube video, and he even misidentifies it and calls the radio a “Sonix Victory” understandably; Can I ask if your Trooper 75 Radio, Box, or Manual has “Minachi Electronics Ltd.” written anywhere at all? And if so could you possibly take a photo for me?
  3. I’ve been a big Stormtrooper fan ever since I’d seen Star Wars as a young boy. Even back then I can remember obsessing over the armor, blasters, and other accessories the Stormtroopers carried. I remember really wanting that grappling hook Luke used during his escape from the Death Star, and dreaming of the day I could collect all the parts to build a E-11 Blaster replica. Of course one of the more mysterious items I wanted to know more about was the Sandtrooper Pack! I actually recognized some parts on it myself such as the Tupperware Lid, and the Canteen, but the rest of the pack was a complete mystery to me growing up. Then one youthful day while surfing the early internet(on dial-up 56k modem connection I might add) I came across the old ‘Parts of Star Wars’ website, which is still active to this day! This was a wealth of valuable information to me back then, it actually identified all the parts I needed to build the E-11 Blaster I’d been dreaming of. This also began my search of trying to find out what parts were used on the Sandtrooper Pack. I came across the 501st Sandtrooper Detachment Forums at MEPD.net and found that many of the parts had been identified, but not all of them. In particular one of the mystery parts appeared to be an obscure AM/FM Radio of some kind. I scoured the internet for information endlessly for years until someone eventually discovered and identified the radio used on screen. This was huge news!; It was a “Sonix Victory 75” radio, unfortunately the Sonix company turned out to be an obscure one indeed! Very little information is known about the company to this day. Then in 2011 a Canadian version of this radio was found in Nova Scotia under the brand name “North Star”. This got me very excited being a Canadian and my mind wandered with dreams of finding one of these vintage radios in the back of some pawn shop, or under a pile of old audio equipment in some thrift store. Well it’s been another eleven years since then, several more radios have been found both under the Sonix and the North Star brand names. But unfortunately, none of those radios were found by me. Alas, I never gave up my search and eventually I did end up finding one of these radios for myself. Not only that, but I also discovered a third previously unknown brand variant! This was only made possible due to the discovery of the Canadian variant 11 years prior. When that North Star radio was found, another was found not too long after that. One of these Canadian radios had a sticker with a model number on the back which read “Model: MT-1809”, this is what ultimately led to my discovery of the Solar brand variant. One day while searching eBay for the query “Vintage Radio MT-1809” this Solar radio just popped up for sale. $45.99 plus shipping, and the best part; it still works! I don’t think I’ve ever clicked Buy Now so fast in my life. My hands were literally shaking as I was checking out, as I’ve had hot ticket items like this sell out from under my nose before I had a chance to finish checking out. Thankfully this purchase went smoothly and it showed up at my door fairly quick. It was found on October 20th, 2022 in Bath Township, Michigan which is about a two and a half hour drive from where I live in Sarnia, Ontario Canada. The seller informed me it was from an estate sale. The reason I want to share my find is that these kinds of discoveries tend to have a cascade effect, and I’m hoping more of these radios will be found yet in the future. I can tell you this version is from an American company that produced radios in the 60’s and 70’s (more of that later) which was a great time for the electronics industry so I’m hoping there was a higher number of units imported for this American version of the radio, though all the companies that offered this model seem to be obscure. And so without further adieu I give you the Solar model: MT-1809
  4. Back when I was building my TK and doing my Blaster build prior the release of Rogue One I converted an Airsoft for ANH approval but it’s certainly not for the faint of heart!;
  5. On a separate note from the Hex Nut and Bolt is the final Mounting Method the prop department resorted to for the Counter and Power Cylinders. After initially being Glued on and falling off during production the Counters and Power Cylinders were eventually mounted to the blasters with a wire simply wrapped around them. As you can see after initially being glued on and falling off while filming(especially the trash compactor scene) the Counters were finally mounted to the blaster with a wire wrapped around the base of the scope feet. The ‘Power Cylinders’ eventually utilized the same type of mounting method the prop department resorted to for the counters; A wire was wrapped over the ‘Power Cylinders’ and around the mag well of the Sterling Sub-Machine Gun. Here are several more photos of the Counters mounted with a wire wrapped around the base of the scope feet. some of these images almost look like it could possibly be a thin zip tie too. There was definitely some kind of Wires and Electrical Tape connected to the socket terminals on this Hengstler Counter, old news I know but 4K resolution gives us some new insight. This image also shows the Hex Nut just over Leia’s shoulder.
  6. Just as The5thHorseman and I posted about this here 5-6 years ago, the 4K version on Disney+ pretty much confirms the rear sight and pivot pin being removed and replaced with a Hex Nut and Bolt through the rear sight guard as yet another variation of the mounting method for the rear end of the scope rail. I know this is kind of old news but I think we can consider this one confirmed now. Another angle of the Hex Nut & Bolt, which appears to have a Slotted Head. Notice the Scope Rail is bent at an upwards angle behind the Hex Bolt holding it down. More angles showing the Slotted Head. Also a good view of the Greeblie on top of the Scope.
  7. You used my photos from my Reference Thread, that’s really not cool man. Also super deceiving showing images of the real thing for your 3D printing files, you literally used my photo of my hand holding my T-Track. Lol Most importantly 3D printing is not accurate if that’s what you’re going for, not at all! Why not get the exact same real T-Track that was used on the original prop? It’s available and still being manufactured, you can buy it here just scroll down to the bottom; https://www.3d-props.com/shop/hardware/
  8. Just found this, better grab it while it’s still available. They’re getting impossible to find; https://www.ebay.com/itm/Rare-Swedish-Military-LK35-Frame-Bushcraft-Survival-Bugout-Bag/174547197516?pageci=8190077d-9f99-4cec-8311-08ca9ed2bff6
  9. That webbing looks fairly close to the screen used prop, but we have already determined that the fabric roll is in fact a Russian Plash Palatka, not a U.S. Half-Shelter! It’s the same poncho worn by the Mimban Troopers in the SOLO movie.
  10. Even the LK35 variant of the Swedish Military Hiking Pack has become difficult to find, let alone a screen accurate M75 Frame. Wishing you the best of luck!
  11. Now back to business, I know it’s been brought up here already before but the SOLO movie and The Mandalorian on Disney+ both utilize this exact same costume for both productions. Have we considered applying the same single CRL to multiple movies/tv show productions? (“Disney Era Stormtrooper”) or would it be easier to simply copy the HTML code from the page and just create new links for SOLO and The Mandalorian on the FISD CRL directory?
  12. Okay it appears to be working correctly now, Good Job getting that figured out!
  13. Yea even the text formatting is all messed up for the E-11 section on this CRL, I’m guessing that definitely has something to do with it too. None of the others CRLs are like that, just this one.
  14. Try it on a mobile device, and look at all the other CRLs that use my image; https://databank.501st.com/databank/File:TK_rogue_one_e11.jpg You’ll notice this CRL is the only one that doesn’t work?...
  15. Agreed, definitely weird how that image alone is not displaying on mobile? It’s definitely something wrong with the Rogue One Stromtrooper CRL html code because the image displays fine for all the other CRLs that it’s used for?; https://databank.501st.com/databank/Costuming:TD_R1_Jedha_Sandtrooper So something went wrong with this CRL In particular somewhere along the line?..
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