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  1. Well it looks like the Rogue One E-11 was also used in The Mandalorian show in addition to the SOLO movie. M-300 Flashlight accessory is missing here. IG-11 holding his E-11 complete with Flashlight. Another Stormtrooper, this screenshot is mirrored as the original footage was flipped horizontally, as seen below. One of the 501st troopers who was invited to help out on set is briefly seen onscreen holding one of those plastic toy/costume accessory stormtrooper blasters from Rubies. As you can see he is wearing ANH Stunt armor, as opposed to the new Disney era Stormtrooper armor from Rogue One & SOLO that is typically seen in The Mandalorian. He is also holding the Rubies stormtrooper blaster, as opposed to the Rogue One E-11 prop that is typically seen in The Mandalorian. Rubies Stormtrooper Blaster painted black. These are actually allowed for basic approval with some modifications, and the E-11 in the Rebels cartoon is based on this toy. So Disney had actually used this blaster design on screen already albeit in animated form.
  2. This is from the Rogue One Stormtrooper display at Celebration Europe Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Yesterday I discovered a good source for Rogue One T-Track. Tubeway Sales LTD. is a wholesaler and you can only buy large quantities directly from them. I found a distributor offering smaller amounts specifically pre-cut into six 8” pieces for a Rogue One E-11 Blaster Build; https://www.3d-props.com/shop/hardware/
  4. Just as I said in the photo caption. It is just a Shepperton Design Studios E-11. Not at all accurate to the original ANH E-11 as it claims to be, it’s actually a pretty terrible blaster accuracy wise. It’s incorrect in so many ways which is fairly common knowledge on this forum. The SDS E-11 is not metal, it is a plastic blaster infused with a dense foam filler. If you read My post the T-Track for these was sourced from the same company that the Prop Department sourced for Rogue One; Tubeway Sales LTD. which is why the T-Track is the same. Prop Makers in Rogue One did recast or remodel their power cylinders based of the SDS blasters as well. Which were highly inaccurate to ANH but are now used on screen in Rogue One & SOLO.
  5. The Counter is mounted to the scope rail using a bracket located beneath the scope between the feet. You can see this blaster is missing the counter as well as the mounting bracket between the scope feet. I should elaborate more on this in my Rogue One E-11 Blaster Reference thread. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Today I believe I actually discovered the source of the T-Track that prop makers used in Rogue One. It’s mass produced from a U.K. based company and it appears to be the exact same T-Track that Andrew Ainsworth cast into his plastic/foam Shepperton Design Studios E-11 as I pointed out in my ROGUE ONE E-11 BLASTER REFERENCE You can purchase this T-Track here in kits of six 8” pieces for an E-11 build; https://www.3d-props.com/shop/hardware/
  7. Well as coincidence would have it; Today I believe I actually discovered the source of the T-Track that prop makers used in Rogue One. It’s mass produced from a U.K. based company and it appears to be the exact same T-Track that Andrew Ainsworth cast into his plastic/foam Shepperton Design Studios E-11 as I pointed out in my ROGUE ONE E-11 BLASTER REFERENCE I will be ordering this T-Track in bulk and offering it for sale here on Whitearmor in the near future if all goes as planned.
  8. I am probably going to have to make my own custom rail from steel, I also plan on using the “Z Bend” type rail as that’s what was on the Hero prop that Jyn Erso uses, but I may also make the more common “block and screw” type scope rail.
  9. I added a new reference image to the main post, this photo is from a magazine I bought a while back called 'Rogue One - The Official Mission Debrief'
  10. Looks like Stormtrooper Shop has changed its name to “Stormtrooper Store”. Still the same only company affiliated with Jedi Robe. http://www.stormtrooperstore.com
  11. Awesome job, Good attention to detail but if you look closely at those pictures you posted from my reference thread you’ll see the Rogue One Counter actually has the small (mini) eagle logo, it’s close but that one you’ve used is the medium size eagle logo. If you could correct this then it would be an absolutely perfect replica!
  12. It looks like the Rogue One E-11 will also appear in the upcoming ‘SOLO’ movie. This is no big surprise as they have hired the exact same prop master again ‘Jamie Wilkinson’ to work on this film. Same costume designer too, this is the exact same Stormtrooper armor from Rogue One and I’ve already seen multiple references with the TK Crystal Patrol Duty pack that we replicated last year.
  13. Sorry you are mistaken, The correct screen used Stock for the E-11D is actually the VF9-STK-416E-BK01 from VFC(Vega Force Company) it has already been identified and confirmed long ago on ‘Parts of Star Wars’ The AABB is somewhat close but there are small differences in the details. The VFC is in the one used on screen and in fact it’s the only one that is accurate. Also I actually helped my friend Chris(Field Marshal) at War Machine develop a Stock Adapter to mount one of these onto the Sterling Airsoft Gun. It’s available now; https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.ca%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F123184230452 Also lastly the Shoulder Buttstock was only flipped upside down for one single reference image and I believe it was a continuity error, a mistake because the rest of them are never seen like that. If you squeeze the adjustment lever and tab hard enough the entire buttstock and support rods can be slid completely out of the back of the stock, I believe this was removed at one point and simply reinstalled upside down by accident. Again there is only one reference image like this, and also there’s one action figure accessory like this now as a result of that reference image. I do believe it was unintentional though.
  14. If this is going to be a functional airsoft gun, you should really try to keep an eye out for a real vintage functional Scope that you can actually use instead of the resin DoopyDoos, even though that's actually what was used on screen. I'm doing the same build myself and I was able to find a real scope, the correct variant accurate to Rogue One. I also found the same counter used on screen too. I found a scope that still appears to be available here and it actually has the correct wide front foot accurate to Rogue One; https://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/42762-m40-tank-sight-e-11-sight/
  15. I can help make an image for the Baton Holster on the belt.
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