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  1. NessD, the roster has been updated. Congratulations.
  2. CountCunning, thank you for you comments and you question. gmrhodes13 suggestion is correct. If I recall back to 2018 when I did this build, all this was fairly new to me. As you may have found from my post as well as others, Jimms fiberglass material does have a lot of small voids. Pinholes that are very hard to locate and fill. For the les flexible parts such as the helmet, I found a product at home depot called DAP Plastic Wood X. I mix some of this stuff with water and spread it on the helmet by hand. Once dry, you can start sanding, and this should fill most of those pinholes. Its also great on 3d printed stuff. As for sanding, I start with 100 or 150 grit hand sanding and work through grits t 320 or 400. So the steps should be 100, 150, 180, 220, 320. for 400 and above, wet sand. It is not necessary to go all the way to 400, in fact 320 is probably the best grit to stop at and still ensure good adhesion for primer and paint. Pay close attention to the detail areas around the eyes, and panel lines. You can also use the DAP to enhance the eye bump if you desire. Good luck on your build.
  3. Ben, congratulations! I have updated the roster. Everyone have a great holiday.
  4. Damn dude, this is coming out amazing. I love the correct strapping for the biceps and shoulder bells. Outstanding job Jason.
  5. Sly11, I agree a nice comparison of boots would be helpful. I wear a US size 10 regular. I already have IB boots so feel free to buy me a set of the Crow Props and ship them to me and I will be more than happy to do the comparison.
  6. TB-7076, sorry it has taken me so long to reply. I did not have notifications set up on this thread. IMHO, the EF glove is the better glove. The stitching and the materials used on the EF glove do not wear as quickly as the IB gloves do. As for the lining, I have not had an issue with the lining in the EF glove and I live in the Southern United States. DragonCon parade is in late august where we normally see 90 degrees F with 100% humidity and the glove are not an issue. The lining is slightly shaggy but it is not a faux fur, it just looks that way in the pics. Ultimately, the glove cost about the same from each vender and will only last for a few years depending on how often you troop and how you take care of them. More than likely you will need to replace them at some point so I recommend you do as I did and buy one set from one vender and when you need to replace them, try the other vendor. Good luck.
  7. CountCunning, I added you to the roster please start a build thread and I will link it. TheRascalKing, Congratulations on the EIB, roster updated.
  8. Where I was going with Anthology Stormtrooper was that all shinny white trooper in both Rogue One and Solos as well as any shinny trooper in the Mandalorian and other new series should all fall under the Anthology Stormtrooper as long as the armor is all the same style/ design. For the mismatched armor types and the dirty troopers should fall under a new CRL called Remnant Stormtrooper. This CRL will be hard to nail down since there are several variations of mismatched armor. Also keep in mind that just because it appeared in a film or show, we should not always look to incorporate it. An example of this is the unmodified Black Series helmets on pikes in season one of the Mandalorian as well as the helmets scattered in Death Star 2 in the last film. Or another way to look at this would be to classify all newer Stormtroopers as Anthology similar to how was call the first three films Original trilogy and withing this Anthology classification we have specific CRLs for each film/ show if they are different. I am less concerned with clean vs dirty than I am with different armor design/ ensemble. Just my 2 cents
  9. Wow, great job researching this. I also suspect that the modifications were made to belts for stunt scenes just like the omission of the Thermal Detonator on most of the stunt TKs in the fight on Jedha. Although, I believe the intention of the designers was to have the belt protrude past the ammo boxes by 1/8”, I would not be opposed to removing this requirement or changing the wording to allow for more flexibility give these references. Another possibility would be to develop a stunt class of the ROTK like ANH and no, I will not be writing that CRL but I am happy to assist anyone wishing to tackle that task.
  10. I will add my thoughts to this discussion. First, I have always believed that the Rogue One TK should have been named the Anthology TK. When we first got wind of Rogue One it was promoted as a Star Wars Anthology. Later it changed to A Star Wars Story, but the term Anthology seems most correct. From Merriam-Webster anthology noun an·thol·o·gy | \ an-ˈthä-lə-jē \ plural anthologies Definition of anthology 1: a collection of selected literary pieces or passages or works of art or music //an anthology of American poetry 2: ASSORTMENT //… an anthology of threadbare clichés of … bistro cuisine … — Jay Jacobs First Known Use of anthology 1624, in the meaning defined at sense 1 History and Etymology for anthology borrowed from French & New Latin; French anthologie, going back to Middle French, borrowed from New Latin anthologia, borrowed from Greek anthología "gathering of flowers," from anthológos "flower-gathering" (from antho- ANTHO- + -logos, nominal ablaut derivative of légein "to gather, collect") + -ia -IA entry 1 — more at LEGEND NOTE: The sense "collection of extracts" is found earlier in the parallel formation anthológion, attested in Byzantine Greek. Because Rogue One and Solo are stories that take place in the Star Wars universe but are not part of the traditional saga films, they are by definition, anthologies. Even if LFL does not use this term, it is correct and should be what we call all costumes from these films. Second, references: Yes, screen captures are a solid reference; however, I also believe “Cannon” reference material such as the Visual Guides should carry the same weight as references. more often than not, the images are of higher quality and are staged to capture more detail. In the case of the Rogue One Ultimate Visual Guide, the author Pablo Hidalgo and information he provides should be considered gospel. Afterall: “After The Walt Disney Company acquired Lucasfilm, Hidalgo was assigned a job within the still newly formed Lucasfilm Story Group, a small group of Star Wars experts whose main purpose is to create and maintain one cohesive canon, thereby eliminating the previous hierarchical canon. Hidalgo is currently a creative executive in story development at Lucasfilm, as well as one of the members of the Intellectual Property Development Group. He is well known for writing the reference books that accompany the release of new movies.” So, this is my feelings on the Rogue One TK. On the issue of the Remnant TK (RTK), all of you have done a great job describing the differences between the ROTKs and the Remnant TKs. My perspective on this is that JF and DF were given access to the what LFL had on had for the costumes. This most likely was the reason we see RO armor with OT helmets. We also know that the Black Series helmet was widely used in the Mandalorian series. This mismatch of armor and helmets is most likely due to what was available and not an intentional desire to establish a new costume. The weather was intentional and intended to present a distressed appearance contributing to overall feeling of the collapse of the Empire. I really do not have a dog in this fight since I will not be building a RTK; however, I do see the value of establishing a separate CRL for this costume. The real challenge will be in deciding what is Level 1 and what is EIB and Centurion level kits for this CRL. I spent a lot of time tackling the ROTK CRL update and still opted to omit a few things for the EIB and Centurion levels because they were just not practical for members to do. The example I like to provide for this is the peg holes in the soles of the boots on the ROTK. We can clearly see these homage easter eggs design elements in screen captures but asking 501st members to replicate this detail was not realistic. In the end, opted for the 30-20-10 foot approach. Level 1 would look correct at 30 feet, EIB at 20 feet, and centurion at 10 feet. This made the CRL achievable for most people and provided enough detail for the costumes to be Rogue One specific. We all know that the OT CRLs are quite specific and go as far as determining what types of strapping and rivets are used. From what I have learned, this is primarily due to the level of references available to the CRL developers over the years. Yes, we have had a lot of additional references since the release of Rogue One but we (or at least I) have also tried to remain focused on what you can see about the armor and not get into the weeds with how the armor is assembled. If we were to take a purest approach to the ROTK like the OT CRLs, then all the ROTK armor should be made from the same materials used for the screen kits and made in the same process. Again, this is would be extremely difficult for the most skilled 501st members and near impossible for the majority of us. Like I previously said, my goal for the ROTK CRL was to correct a few inaccuracies and develop a CRL that was approachable to most members. I would recommend this approach for the RTK CRL if it is to be developed.
  11. Jason, also if you recall from one of my comparison posts (I don't recall which), on a display set of screen used armor showed that they used the same type of shock cord to close up the thighs and biceps. I would assume this is also true for the forearms and most likely the shin armor. Since we do not see the cutouts (the "J" cutout on the bicep to attach the shoulder) on these others armor parts we can assume the shock cord is completely internal on these others parts. Again, I believe the shock cord is attached on the inside of the armor for these others parts like the inside of the bicep pic from Pauls shore trooper armor. I am not suggesting you do all your extremity armor like this but if you decide to do so, I would argue that you would have one of the most correct sets of ROTK armor.
  12. Ben, it sounds like you are on the correct path. Jason is correct that there is no one answer, as long as everything is proportional to your build, you will be fine. In the end, the overall look of the armor and its correct appearance in proportion to the wearer is what matters. Jason, on the rubber belt idea, I know that a lot of the clone trooper have rubber belts, I am not sure the rubber would look "shiny" enough to blend with the armor and then there is the how to keep it clean. I have had to deal with these issues with my urethane shoulder straps and just about all the flexible materials (rubber or urethane) attract stuff to them that seems to stick to them like static cling. These are not really issues for the clones since their armor is based on animated or CGI armor. I do know that Smooth-On makes a glossy plastic like coating but I have not investigated if it would stick to the urethane or rubber or silicone and would not crack if flexed. Surely, this is something to investigate and possibly something to produce for sale. I would be interested to see what you come up with. I am slammed with project ATM or I would spend some time looking into this. Good idea.
  13. Well um.... Holy Crap! that is outstanding. I am curious to see how the TPU holds up over time. I planned on doing something similar but using 1/8" like this: https://sgtknots.com/products/marine-grade-dacron-polyester-shock-cord-1-8-inch?variant=33429745205334&utm_term=&utm_campaign=&utm_source=adwords&utm_medium=ppc&hsa_acc=3264755776&hsa_net=adwords&hsa_grp=116536717349&hsa_ver=3&hsa_kw=&hsa_tgt=pla-393927913855&hsa_mt=&hsa_ad=494912717198&hsa_src=u&hsa_cam=12189948699&gclid=Cj0KCQjw38-DBhDpARIsADJ3kjmvW2i6LSaYmsyetQpFWDAvjMWso2vNMsMSB6VGCi5L1I3HfR4CbE0aAugREALw_wcB One suggestion is to beef up the cut out areas of the bicep. I am concerned (given the cracking issues) that the fiberglass of Jims kit may not hold up over time where the cut outs are. I would think backing the area with "actual" fiberglass and using the glass fiber material would strengthen it enough. Another option may be to rough up the inside and back it with a thick layer of PC-7. Regardless, this is looking Awesome brother.
  14. Justin, the roster has been updated and congratulations brother. Let me know when you get the nod for the EIB and I will update again. Jeff
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