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  1. Hi all! Although I'm fully aware that I still need to finish my first build (based on a DoopyDoo's kit), I finally managed to obtain some really cool parts for another build: the legendary Phoenix Props E11 kit with aluminum pipe a fully functional aluminum replica folding stock from Warmachine Paintball the excellent T-jay's completion kit, including aluminum scope rail and a real Hengstler 400 counter First of all a picture of the aluminum parts (including a self-made trigger guard): 20200203_223055 This is the unfolded folding stock: 20200203_223528 Here are all resin parts, drying after the initial washing: 20191223_145354 Note that some of these (folding stock, Hengstler counter, trigger guard, power cylinders, etc.) will be replaced by more accurate parts. My first more elaborate job on this build was adding details to the 3D printed power cylinders. Here I am cutting the "resistors": 20200202_162359 And here's the result after lots of fiddling (Obviously it still needs to be painted black) 20200202_232144 20200202_232205 That's it for now, cheers mates!
  2. Very interesting thread, great looking results already Brian! Looking forward to very accurate folding stocks without all the hollowing out and reconstructing/shaping effort! Judging by the quality of your scope casts these sterling parts are going to be nothing short of awesome!!!
  3. TK29312 requesting 501st access: https://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=31324 Thanks in advance!
  4. I know, progress is slowing down. Lots of other things to do in my spare time, but don’t worry I’ll get there! Hopefully temperatures will rise so that I can start painting the Hengstler counter black and hotglue the display, speaker and switch in there. The frosting hides the LEDs from direct sight and spreads their light. The main power LED will be mounted at the front of the barrel, so its light output is not affected by the frosting. Glad you like the result! Cheers mates!
  5. Hi Dan, yes the switch has a very nice ‘click’. And the angles of the 3 positions match the ‘A R S’ printing on the grip very well. I’m very happy that Paul included this switch in my BlastFX kit!
  6. Since the video section of Flickr is still not accepting new video's, here's a YouTube link instead: Fortunately everything survived the build-in process! Cheers
  7. Great result as always! What kind of automotive filler putty did you use? I also noticed that green stuff is not ideal for smoothening out air bubbles and stuff.
  8. Sorry for the non-functional video guys. It appears that Flickr is currently performing planned maintenance on their video section, causing all new video's to be queued up until after the maintenance: Flickr temporary video down time
  9. If only Flickr would finally process that video... It fits in the receiver tube, but I will have to cut a piece out of the acrylic tube where the scope rail enters the receiver tube. I frosted the tube because I didn't like how you could see the individual LEDs from outside the barrel. Thanks for the feedback guys!
  10. Finally another update. LED strip housing The BlastFX LED strip will be placed inside an acrylic tube that I sanded down a bit to make it “milky white”. I will place the LED strip between two half-round rods, one of which I hollowed out with the Dremel: 20190310_141652 The selection switch Today I worked on the rotary selection switch, which will be fully functional in my blaster. I started by recreating the shape of the lever from an aluminum strip, and filed a notch on both sides such that it could slide into the actual switch (knurling pattern will be added in a later stage, using a thin layer of green stuff): 20190310_164145 Then came the nerve wrecking Dremeling of a hole big enough to fit the rotary selection switch without damaging the grip. I drilled a hole from the top of the grip to the hole for the switch to guide the cables: 20190310_212650 I used green stuff to fill up the hole and keep the switch in position: 20190310_203912 Trigger switch As you probably already noticed in the previous pictures, I had also mounted the trigger switch in the same way (Dremeling a hole, insert the switch, fill up with green stuff). Here’s a short video of testing the trigger switch: 20190310_142015 That’s it for now, cheers mates!
  11. Thanks to the pioneering work of you and the other contributors of the E11 reference guide these awesome mods are now available to all of us, greatly improving the realism of our blasters. Can’t thank you guys enough for that! BTW: I bought some cheap bulldog clips, but unfortunately the metal is even harder to get through than the pen clip. Beginning to doubt the quality of my metal drill... Thanks Andrew! I’m also looking forward to seeing the finished product. It will probably take some time before the weather over here is suitable for starting the painting in my unheated garage, so in the meantime I can make up my mind about where to place the electronics and continue to add details.
  12. This evening I added another important detail: the dovetail front sight block, using the 3D printed part by Suitcase props. Before: 20190204_223905 After: 20190204_222507 Cheers!
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