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  1. Hi Robert, I didn’t realize that there was a build section in the garrison forum or that I could join before being approved, thanks for the info. Being all alone in Hiroshima, I was lucky to have found this site and scoured all over for my build last year. Your build as well as many others were an inspiration to me which got me this far. Will certainly apply for the JG. keep in touch, Hideya Kusaba
  2. Hi Brian and Joseph, Thanks for all your support. GML told me he is not aware of any Japanese source so I guess it needs to be bought overseas. Brian, I would appreciate if you were able to get one when there is a chance buying overseas. I’ll send a pm. I’ve applied for basic approval just last weekend and GML advised that boots need replacement. I can wait till it arrives hopefully soon. BTW, does “Japanese forum” mean the forum of the Japanese Garrison? I’ll take a look into it. Not yet enlisted but I can’t wait to become one. Hideya
  3. Great! Thanks for the advice, it was a great help. Thanks again.
  4. Joseph, Thanks for your advice. I'll try contacting them. Just after I figure out how to contact them on this web page, but I think I can manage that somehow. Thanks for your help. Hideya
  5. 初めまして広島在住のHideyaと申します。昨年(2019)このFISDに出会って念願のANHのTKを入手して楽しんでます。この日本語Kiosk書き込み少ないですが初めての投稿よろしくお願いします。 501stへの入隊検討中なのですがS型ネックトリムを日本での入手ルートご存知でしたら教えてください。やはり海外サイトなのでしょうか?よろしくお願いします。 Hi, this is Hideya from Hiroshima with an untrimmed AP kit considering application to the 501st. I’ve just started contact with the GML yesterday. Can someone tell me where I can buy the S profile neck trims for the bucket here in Japan? Can’t seem to find them in any of the Japanese website. Would be nice to be able to save the shipping charges from overseas. Hideya
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