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  1. Oh wow, that thread really is pretty much everything I had hoped for in one go! I've been browsing tutorial threads for a while now, but this one really is the most concise on the topic. Awesome!
  2. After a long time, today is finally the day the big brown box arrived! So far so good. The blaster was unfortunately forgotten by RS, but I'm sure that can be fixed. As for the armor, I'm making my first steps at trimming, since I haven't done so in a few years. I started off by doing the knee plate and the Thermal detonators and I'm pretty happy with the result. I'll be taking some pics within the next few days. Now, here's where my big worry for the kit settles in: The thighs are super uncomfortable, as I had feared. However, I have not trimmed them at all. Is return edge on the top of the thigh armor required? I'm pretty confident that I would fit no problem if I got rid of the return edge or at least the majority of it. Shins seem to be fitting quite nicely, so not worried there at all
  3. Hey everyone! First timer here I have some great news...I'm expecting! During the recent Black Friday sales I managed to secure a TK kit from RS Propmasters and I will be building it by myself soon. Luckily, this is not my first ever build around Star Wars stuff, but it is the first time doing armor, not just a helmet. Before the kit arrives (hopefully!) soon, I have been doing some research and found, that I would like to become an ESB Trooper. The advantages seem to be plentiful and I just like the look a lot. I even managed to snag a Pugman blaster from them! Before I start building, I'll have to check if the parts fit me. I'm on the bigger side and somewhat worried, but I suppose at the end of the day everything can be shimmed. Covid wasn't too kind to me, so I'm sitting at 5'8 with 250 lbs right now Should worst come to worst, I will start with the limbs only and get back on my fitness before assembling the torso. Now, before I start building there are a few things I'd like to get some clarity on: - Considering the lineage of the RS armor, I feel like it would be worth a shot and build this to Level 3 specs. Do you think this is a reasonable thing to seek out for a first timer (on armor)? I'm handy with a dremel and such, but I am worried about certain stepping stones just making it impractical for a first try. - RS have a series of armor build tutorials on YouTube. Would these be adequate when aiming for a Level 3 build? https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLylZBXOeIZgnM256-WdjM5oMLygc-_4pZ - Can internal parts of the costume be changed and a Lvl 3 spec still achieved? I'm thinking of for example adding white velcro inside the calves instead of the hook system, as it seems sturdier to me. - ESB TKs generally seem wonkier than the ANH ones, especially when looking at the biceps and shoulders. Is approval with these things more relaxed than say ANH troopers? - In many shots of ESB, the rear part of the shoulder straps seem to be glued down or even riveted(!) in place. The CRL requires the straps to be free float and held with a fabric band, but looking at the film, I see no visible fabric bands and only sometimes free floating shoulders. There is also some of the troopers with their shoulder bells sitting super high up, as if padded ROTJ style. When submitting for approval, can these requirements from the CRL be "overturned", as long as matching evidence is provided? I know this has been successful with other costumes in the past, but I am worried about the TK ESB specifically, as some of the answers I have read online seem inconclusive. Any help with these questions would be greatly appreciated! I will be updating the thread with pics of progress and further questions of course Once the build is done, I hope to sign up with the UK Garrison - or depending on how life goes - the German Garrison. Thanks for the help everyone and cheers!
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