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  1. That's true, thanks. What's the story behind Lucas' preferred sizing not working out?
  2. Hi everybody, just out of curiosity, what's the rough range of general measurements that the Stormtrooper armor was made to fit for? (Height, weight, bicep, forearm, thigh measurements etc). What's the point where it may look different and too large when compared to on screen armor? It's coming from RS if that matters. Thanks
  3. I agree, I just don't have the equipment or the know-how at this time. But I completely know what you mean and agree, I take much more pride in my custom build gaming PCs that I've completed as opposed to pre built ones. They're like trophies. In the future I'd like to possibly build a kit, but it's just not in the cards right now (I also have paid already anyway and got a good deal)
  4. My max size would be 205-217lbs if that helps at all. I'm currently around 150lbs, so I know it'll take a bit. I just don't know how much to size up when providing measurements, if at all.
  5. Thanks. As for the rest of my measurements from RS (I'm having it commissioned), I have some questions. I'm 5'11"-6'0" and about 148-150lbs currently. However, I've been gaining weight and working out, so I expect some growth in different areas (arms, legs, chest, etc) in the future. I don't want to outgrow my armor because of this, so should I add some inches to the measurements that I provide to allow for these changes or am I okay to just give what I currently am and know that it'll still fit me in a few years from now? My end target goal is around 205-217lbs max of healthy weight if that helps at all. Do I measure myself in a relaxed state with my arms dangling down by my sides or should I measure while flexing? Thanks again for your patience.
  6. So I should get a US 13 right? Which is a UK 12? It won't be too big or anything right?
  7. I'm an 11 US in Nike athletic shoes, while also an 11.5 US in Puma athletic shoes. A full size up would round up to a 13 US, since RS doesn't carry half sizes. Should I be going with the 13 US or with a 12 US (which translates to 12 UK or 11 UK)? I heard that I should leave room for inserts and/or thicker socks? Thank you for everybody for your patience. This is my first set of armor or boots and I don't want to mess up the sizing.
  8. I'd be getting the full complete kit from RS -- comes with the armor, helmet, blaster, holster, boots, etc. They have a dropdown to choose a boot size but no sizing explanation on there from what I notice.
  9. Thanks! How do I choose boot size? If I'm roughly a 10.5 or 11 (sometimes 11.5 depending on the shoe) in my everyday shoes here in the US, should I go with a 12 UK or a 13 UK or something else?
  10. I'm going to go with RS. How do I determine boot size? And what's the general consensus -- Ep 4 or 5 Stormtrooper?
  11. How is WTF's armor and helmet in comparison? They told me it costs about half plus shipping for all hard armor and the helmet together and I believe they're in USA. Or should I stick with RS/TM?
  12. I was looking into getting a screen accurate kit from RS, but living in USA makes that expensive. What's my best option where I live, or is it worth the money? (Do they run sales besides their Black Friday one?) Thanks!
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