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  1. Looking good, keep up with the good work
  2. No it's just what they had in the movies, I find it fits better if cut as a leaf but you can have anything you want
  3. Thanks for posting, can never have enough photos of stormtroopers
  4. I just used normal yellow foam, can get it in different thicknesses and cut into a leaf shape, there is a template in the forums. I just got a sheet of it 1/2" thick, I am using 3 pieces in my lid, two round pieces and the leaf, I keep them in with velcro so I can take them out and to wash
  5. Hi and welcome, I just went through the same thing, was told best advice was to read, read, read before you buy and then read some more lol
  6. That's really weird like you said, think they would have taken the whole box, sounds like someone has damaged it and tried to cover up. Hope you manage to get spares, maybe doopy's will help you out
  7. Welcome FISD there is plenty of info here fro the first time build, happy hunting
  8. I started at 17 weeks wait and from last email I would be about 6 weeks away, you can do what I did and ask if you can have a helmet first they sometimes have stock of these. Gives you something to start on, then theres always blaster, belt, neck seal, thermal detinator and so on
  9. Welcome to FISD good luck with your build
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