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  1. If were cheaper it could be a good alternative however it cost more than my and other kits. I prefer resin as i can get all the details over a lower cost 3D printer. As for the stock it is a cool affect and as a E-11 seller i get many asking about a functional stock but the stocks were not shown open in the movie so the stock functionality is irrelevant as a E-11 replica. If someone was looking for a good sterling replica functional stocks would be nice.
  2. Striker

    eBay find

    For most yes but not everything
  3. Which version were you wanting. All the stunts I have sold are centurion worthy as well.
  4. You know this was just you Lou...stirring up excitement about your kits J/K
  5. Well since this is a discussion I figured I should see what others felt about this. We all know casting originals are best and give our product the best details rather than 2nd generation cast anyways. With that being said most sterling cast from original molds like myself and Lou do have the 2nd gereration in them due to the work needed to fit the pipe. Even my Hasbro's seen here http://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/25591-new-hasbro-kit-molds-made/ are between a 2nd and 3rd due to the fact I have to mod some parts of the sterling to fit the Hasbro. The scope piece and stock fork were scracth built specifically for the Hasbro so they are definitely first generation. Some have PMed me about wanting aquire my scopes then ask where did I get them....I direct them here http://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/26652-new-scope-molds/ Now my question is what about my DL-44s? I dont want to buy a real mauser (spend over $2000) just to ruin it with mold material so I use a Denix. Most mausers out there are cast from a Denix and always felt this was a fine line to the point I even contacted them lol. They only responded with we cant sell to you because they already had their US whole-sellers and never mentioned frowning upon people like me using them in resin. Here is the DL-44 I am currently building http://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/26772-solo-esb-dl-44/ Now the DL-44 is the ONLY blaster i use cast from a maker like Denix and have sourced other original blaster parts that I am in the process of producing. I actually own Denix I chopped for the smaller barrel blaster and a full size as the GK is my next blaster I am building. I actually have the parts curing as I type lol (except the full body) Now on to some cool show pics.....take a look at how huge this spear gun is for the cloud city blaster The cloud city blaster is made from the Nemrod Galeon 1 spear gun...I have been looking for this and the Skiff gaurd balster for years and I now have them both. The spear gun was full size and was a pain to cut and disassemble to its current state. I have scaled it and have all the parts drawn out and will be making them to start casting soon. The skiff gaurds isan old Umarex /2nd hand Panther RO72 target pistol. Both of Nemrod and Umarex have multiple version but these are the correct ones My scratch built ElectroBinos masters, most of them are Frankensteined parts I made to my own liking....lol look at that Laundry cap Now my score, PRE revelle Renwal Visible V8....has all the parts needed for what I do
  6. FYI, to all.....kits like these are a pain to mold. You definitly need to make 2 sets of molds lol. One mold of the parts, then get the parts pipe build ready then remold. Cost twice as much to start something like this. So like mine Lou will also have to have a 2ND generation cast on at the very least the folding stock parts and grip. Lou what are you making your mold boxes out of? I use wood but I seen people use Legos
  7. Sounds good Lou, maybe we can swap some molding / casting tips. I am currently making mold boxes for my kit but I need to bulk up my inventory for a con in sept lol
  8. Nice, thats the ROTJ version. I hope to have that completed soon as well
  9. Yes, I am working on them currently but keep getting side tracked with E-11s I have sold just the add ons before I redid the molds and added more accurate parts. So far for the Greedo Killer I have the grill and M9 flash hider and am building up a mount and have a buddy that might let me cast his scope, if not that will have to wait for the search lol. As for the regular ANH I have all the parts but still need to mold them and I want to upgrade my scope mount. I am also very close to completly my ROTJ one as well. Now I am also working on my skiff guard blaster and just acquired the nemrod speargun to make the Relby blast "Cloud city" blaster
  10. Yes Sir Thank you I know...its kind of like a trademark now. People are like "Thats Strikers picture" lol...I would hope its because they recognize the work but I know its the weathered hands
  11. I know this is not a TK Blaster but since it was mentioned on my other threads I have had some PM for some pictures. So here is my Solo ESB Solo Blaster. Same durable resin, SEM paint dry brushed, Aluminum Scope rail and Hex bolts. I will be offering these blasters as well as my other E-11s FYI, I also have the greeblie to make the Luke rather than Han
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