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  1. Yes! And they still are so much later! I did receive centurion status with them as well!
  2. 4 years later they are still alive and well! Held up! Note: haven't been on here in a long time!
  3. netslave they look great!! Lovemonkey, honestly i have had NO issues still with my boots. No flaking even. a solid method still! someone told me they were approved. they looked the part. they are very comfortable, seeing as they were 80 bucks you get the comfort in what you pay for! i still put little squishies in mine for that added layer of cloud sorry for getting back to you so late, and thanks for the love on the thread! hope more people see it!! over a year and they are still as they are pictured in the first post, well a little more scuffed, but thats normal!
  4. just want to butt in here really quick and say that saberforge.. although the long wait (5 months) the saber is beautiful.. no issues with it either. if you like to wait i would highly recommend it over ultra saber for sure. craftsmanship is so much better. Its not the TK lightsaber, however it is white so on noncanon events i do weild it
  5. i have mine in my chest plate. no feed back there. depends how high the volume is typically. however.. maybe in the O|| spot?
  6. The white was a few bucks.. 10 i think.. but update. i still have yet to repaint or touch them up.
  7. look really good brother! congrats! and good luck!!
  8. Yes! well thats why we make build posts.. not only to get info, however show people what to do and also what not to do lol. but snaps are wonderful! i used plastic plates for the snaps to mount to, however nylon is perfectly fine as well. snaps are the way to go, alot more mobility comfort and well you dont have to worry about anything crackin haha
  9. any more progress? youve been quiet
  10. Ouch! i was in pain looking at the photos.. it looked so promising (( this is what i did.. feel free to copy. it works like a champ! Good luck!
  11. oh noooo!!!! ((( dude! youll be alright man.. just remember plastic is fragile..
  12. awesome! tip for you. i used some 5 sec glue.. its AMAzing. its by loctite.. its great for on the spot patch too. i was on a troop and a snap fell off.. 5 seconds later i was in my armor. its really really strong also. cuts down on time not having to wait for the glue to dry. make sure you sand the spot before applying http://www.amazon.com/Loctite-230992-5-Gram-Longneck-Bottle/dp/B000BQMQJQ/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1417634189&sr=8-1&keywords=5+second+loctite get it at walmart or whereever.. less used the better. its wonderful stuff.
  13. Love the detonator! and more luck on the ears of the bucket? however.. i dont care for the design that i saw f the new troopers.. merh.
  14. oh gosh! i love H&M just make sure you scrub them down! good luck and youre welcome!!
  15. Thanks everyone:) and my kit didn't come with a lug so there indeed is an empty space on the barrel:( and the pistol grip shouldn't have weathering?
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