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  1. I'll be watching this thread closely. I'm already piecing my ST together
  2. Hey Twan! Sweet looking armor brother! Most of what I noticed that might need fixing has been mentioned already. I'm gonna sit back and see what Steve has to say. An easy pass for EIB for sure. You will need some tweaking if you plan for Centurion. Good luck! PS. Dab some black paint or marker on your TD screws I'd also like to see a shot of the TD from the front. And I do think your ab/kidney needs to be lined up better. The third bottom most rivet(on the left side of your armor) should not be showing. And I think some trimming is definitely in order for the right side.(Ab)
  3. I find if it permits, I put my gloves on first then slide on my forearms. This helps pull the gloves upward and alleviates the bunching. That last photo in your most recent post looks great.
  4. Hey Ron! Fantastic looking build my friend! And I love the large clear photos. Makes it very easy to see all the details. Most things I noticed have already been mentioned. If you plan for Centurion (I'm sure you will be with this great looking armor) You will need to add a split rivet to the cod piece and 2 male snaps to the butt plate (where the cod/butt plate attachment is) Glad to see that you painted your ab/kidney rivets and your thigh pack rivets white, as they were not painted in the initial photos. The only area that is kind of distracting to me is the gap at your wrists. Dropping your forearms a hair will eliminate it. Also for Centurion you will need rubber hand guards glued/attached to your gloves and also 1/4 inch white elastic bands on your shoulder bridges if they aren't already there. And I think I see them but hard to tell from the photos if the black elastic arm bands are present. The hand painting on your helmet (traps and tears most noticeably) is FANTASTIC! Well done. Overall a very clean build. Most impressive! Best of luck with your application and your future endeavors.
  5. Hey Dave! Great looking build sir! I do agree with the comments about the joints/cover strips. Your biceps look huge on you and it looks like there is some room in your forearms as well. I am concerned about how much joint ridge is showing on your thighs, but as Steve said, hold off doing anything drastic until he puts in his final review. The gap on your ab/kidney on the right side isn't too drastic but it does gradually open into a "V" shape as it moves upward. Tightening your belt a bit may fix that. The smaller button panel on your ab plate may need to be trimmed down a little bit. There should be some staging area showing like on your larger button panel. And your TD clips are overlapping the control panel a little bit. The clips should be even with the bottom of the control panel. And for super accuracy dab some black paint or some black marker on your TD screw heads. Other than that everything looks super. Your hand painting on your helmet is FANTASTIC! Well done! Good luck with your application and your future endeavors! I wish you the best! TD Clip placement http://www.whitearmor.net/forum/gallery/image/3241-gallery-12157-59-19594/ Button staging http://www.whitearmor.net/forum/gallery/image/920-ab-plate-05jpg/ Thighs with minimal or no joint ridge showing http://www.whitearmor.net/forum/gallery/image/857-anhupperrightthighwithboxdetailjpg/
  6. Hey John! Great looking build sir! Most improvement points have been mentioned already. As far as the shoulder bell issue, I had this same problem. What tends to happen with the shoulder bells is they pull on the strapping and it causes them to drop. What I did to fix it was actually E-6000 my shoulder nylon straps (the wide straps that connect the chest to the back) right to the shoulder bridges. I left the portion that connects to the back armor unglued and added industrial velcro to the end of the strap and velcro right below the snap that connects the chest to the back. This totally eliminated the drop I was having in the shoulder bells. The black elastic that connects my shoulder bells, I doubled it over and sewed it together which makes it thicker and offers more resistance and less drag for the bells to pull on. It sounds confusing but I'll post a few photos so you can see what I did. Good luck with your application. I wish you the best! Where I'm pointing I glued the strap to the shoulder bridge. The next photo shows the snap that connects the chest bridge to the back armor and the industrial velcro placement.
  7. Hey Alexandra! Great looking build! I love your action shot. Very classic! I only have a few recommendations, minor things that won't affect EIB in any way but to help your overall look. Your forearms look a tad big to me, we'll see what Steve says. It looks like your right thigh slid up under your butt plate and made it pop out. Just something I noticed. If you can I would try to fix the wrinkles in the decals on the traps on the back of your helmet. And for super accuracy change your thermal detonator screws out for slotted screws and dab them with some black paint or a black marker. You could also change your "S" trim so the gap is under the vocoder so it doesn't show from the back. Overall a fantastic looking build. Good luck with your application and your future endeavors! I wish you the best!
  8. Woot woot! ATA all the way! Looking great Matt! Easy pass for EIB. Other than the TD issues that Ian mentioned the only thing I notice is the cover strips on your calves cover the ridge on the the back top of the calf. Those will need trimming. Everything else looks fantastic. Good luck with your application! I wish you the best!
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