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  1. Welcome, ahhh yes the waiting list, got seven weeks to go lol, the waiting is the killer but it does give you time to go through these forums and learn a lot
  2. Nice build looks good to me, well done
  3. It's like being a jedi but not lol (rebel scum)
  4. Couple of pics of soundboard, lights and lazer for the blaster, same as my hasbro setup
  5. Just found out the same thing, my hasbro was a goog learing experience though. There is soo much to read, learn and take in when it comes to putting an amor together that sometimes the finer points get missed, now on to my pipe build
  6. Looks like you had a great time, thanks for sharing
  7. Maybe some jelly and vodka hand guards lol
  8. Was about to ask this, thanks for the answers
  9. Looks great, be nice to own a real one
  10. Thanks Fitted the s rubber trim and did a bit of final touch up and now I think I'm about done Now back to waiting for the rest of my armor waiting, waiting, waiting, yes most of you know this feeling lol
  11. Thanks trying my best. Just taken my spare Hasbro to pieces, using the sound board, got some hi-bright led's, laser and found smaller speakers and a AAA battery box that will fit inside the pipe. Will just have to work out the triggering when my Doopy's grip gets here
  12. Well done, I thought I was doing well reaching Lieutenant LOL
  13. Love the pictures, looks like it was a great time
  14. Maybe after you stop running around in circles yelling yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay lol . Have a great build
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