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  1. Requesting 501st access https://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=30017 Thanks
  2. You have a size 9...looking to get them sipped to Arizona. Let me know...
  3. good advice Max...it should arrive next week and Im sure Ill go from thinking I know whats going on to WTF am I doing...more ?? to come Im sure
  4. Appreciate all the info...I have been doing a lot of reading and re reading...cant afford to make $$ mistakes. Looking forward to its arrival and im sure Ill have more questions and comments as the build goes. Good luck to you as well Allen8...it will be an adventure for both of us
  5. Did some reading and purchased AP armor. Havent received it yet, but don't know what else Im gonna need other than new Hovi mikes. Oh and shoes...of course my size is out of stock at tkboots...any other suggestions to make my build easier and more fun...
  6. morning all... fairly new member..looking to get going and have some fun. Recently retired military and have some time on my hands and always wanted to do this. Big fan. Any advise, help, encouragement is greatly appreciated in this endeavor.. Thanks Jeff
  7. I gotta get me one of these....might keep the burglars away too...lol
  8. Welcome fellow Phoenix Ariz newbee...I am new at this myself and living in Phoenix, however still in the USAF....
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