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  1. Grazie Tony, almeno qui nessno mi censura!
  2. I've tried three types<br> - Smooth on Onyx, too rigid, cracks easily<br> - Cafa model black (italian Cafarelli made), as above<br> - Smooth on Smooth cast 60D, good impact resistant but a bit too flexible, it result in a mojo-blaster...<br><br> Looking around for a compromise beween these.
  3. Good morning everybody, Some time ago I posted a 3D printed Dlt19, from 3D files scratch made (not the ones you'll find online that sometimes are quite inaccurate). Link here Now, after about one year from the start of the project I'll like to share the very first cast parts. I'll be very glad to receive some feedback from the "cast pros" here in order to improve my skills and the resulting parts. Also please be patient because since a year ago I didn't know what "casting" and "silicome molding" meant. Or quite so. Since I'm going to distribute this kits inside my Garrison I'm open to every kind of costructive criticism and suggestions that helps to make my fellow troopers satisfied of what they have in hand. I'm still looking for the right resin because I want it unbreakable (whatever does it means) at least at the first unvolontary drop during a troop event. Currently I'm testing Smooth-on Onyx, Smooth-on Smooth cast 60 with black pigment and a black resin from a local producer that's similar to Onyx and the usual yellowish resins. My preference for now goes to the Smooth cast 60. I've dropped some test parts (sigh ) and they didn't broke apart, the Onyx and other black resin went in like 1 million peices. Here some pictures of the definitive parts for now. Thanks everybody for your attention.
  4. Sorry, I've missed it. Where can I find it? Thanks
  5. Any chance to have the grip 3D file shared?
  6. Started refinishing and smoothing the parts these days.<br> Pictures will follow.<br><br>
  7. Agree.<br> Besides this, is there any known source for the DLT19 scope?
  8. Can't find the DLT19 on the CRL... So aren't scouts allowed to sport it?
  9. Hi everybody, maybe I'm wrong but is the " biker scout" DL19 provided with a scope, isn't it? Where can I find some reference pictures of it? Thanks a lot in advance, L.
  10. Hi everybody, since I'm still in the pre-production phase for some Italica Garrison members, please send me PM if you are interested.<br> I will put a run announcement once my fellow italian troopers have received theirs and gave me feedback on it.<br><br> Thanks!<br> L.
  11. That's the goal. [emoji846]
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