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  1. The suit is perfectly fine. Myself and many members have NE. I was just approved with my 2nd EIB award with it.
  2. Thanks guys! The drop box, gap on right side and calf were all minor things when I suited up that my wife and I didn’t catch. I will tweak the belt, forearm and ab button plate and suit up again soon!
  3. Yeah that’s just not aligned properly with that Velcro closure in the back.
  4. Yes it is. It would be my 2nd one and I am thinking of doing ESB too since I already have another blaster. I will never be able to catch Glenn with his 6 and counting but I can try.
  5. Name: Jonathan Lighty Height: 6’ Weight: 170 lbs. FISD Name: JLight Legion ID: 32627 Garrison: Garrison Tyranus 501st Member Page: http://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=17149 Armor: NE Helmet: Anovos Blaster: Resin Kit Boots: Painted Amsterdams Canvas Belt: TKittell Hand Plates: Justjoseph Electronics: None Neck Seal: Anovos Holster: Darman
  6. I’m not a blaster specialist, but do I see a couple of things that are not super accurate. It certainly is not the only kit with a foldable stock and I would be a little concerned that it is 3-D printed and how durable it is. I do like all the moveable parts, (hengstler, trigger, selector switch, d-ring, folding stock and magazine comes out. And the icing on the cake is sound effects. Based on my knowledge and experience, it seems to me that it would pass centurion. However, before “pulling the trigger” lets let some of the experts chime in.
  7. My assumption is your last sentence is spot on with what should happen at the Garrison level.
  8. Well I troop now with the NE armor and Anovos bucket so I have seen how dark Anovos is. The difference is mostly noticeable (just barely) in photos. Yeah I think Pauls answer is the best otherwise we would have to get all different combinations of armor pre-approved and that just isn’t going to happen. It would have to be looked at on an individual basis.
  9. I was approved as Centurion back in 2014 with an ATA lid and NE armor. The bucket is a more milkier white than the armor, but there wasn’t a question raised about it. Now that was going on 4 years ago.
  10. Slightly rounded looks good. Colors and all look great. Fantastic work! I will also echo the half/half helmet.
  11. FWIW, you guys (Paul and staff) are doing a hell of a job. I, for one, did not like the FOTK initially. But it has grown on me and I love it and like the TLJ version even better. Though I don’t even have a FO costume and will always be OT TK at heart, I would be down for the new patches/coins and like the emphasis on the new suits. Awesome job!
  12. No need to paint white first. The black doesn’t show at all.
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