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  1. we have found one of these rebels
  2. at our troop last weekend was an nearly an forest. so we deceided to go there and make some cool pictures.
  3. Hi steve, thank you very much for your comments. i am very happy to reach EIB with an FX armor. now here the new needed Picture. First an another picture from the helmet and here the new action photo.
  4. Hi here the pictures, i have seen my belt is a little to wide. so i have changed them and placed the 8 rivets. The belt is now 60 mm wide. and here a pictures of my shoulder straps that they have no flat end at the end. they are 100 % ribbed.
  5. So here are the missing pictures. My armor is not so Beatifull inside (lot of work and testing) . the cod and butt plate are two pieces by the FX so i must glue them for my Commander togheter. i have change the dropboxes a little Abdome details Strapping No cover stripes Cod and buttplate attechment (not beautifull )
  6. Name: Dimo Tillips ID: 11076 Garrison: German Garrison Height: 176 Weight: 78 Armor: FX Helmet: BFA Blaster: doopydoos resin kit Canvas belt: Selfmade
  7. Here is one pictures Pictures of the 501st stormtrooper at Essen.
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